3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe

We all know that self-care is important, no matter how you find it. As a mother, it’s even more important to have some time for yourself to unwind, do something you enjoy, and feel good about yourself. 

Self-care means different things to different people, but doing things that boost your confidence or give you moments of peace and happiness can make a big difference in your overall demeanour and stress levels. 

For some people, there’s simply nothing like shopping! If we’re being honest, we’ve probably all taken advantage of a little “retail therapy” from time to time. As of 2017, women in Britain spent 29.4 billion pounds on clothing! 

While your happiness shouldn’t depend on the clothes you buy, feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear can have a big impact on your attitude. Since Spring is just around the corner, it makes sense to offer a few tips on how you can upgrade your wardrobe and feel confident and beautiful without having to break your budget!

Photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash

Pick Pastels

Spring is a great time to get away from darker tones and colours that may have been staples for you all winter. Picking out clothes that are lighter shades, especially pastels, can improve your mood and allow you to showcase your personality. 

Pairing a pastel top with a darker pair of pants (or vice versa) is a great way to make a statement while embracing the beauty of the new season. 

Add Touches of Floral

You don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe in order to embrace the overall feel of Spring. But, try to add floral accents wherever you can. Updating your basic outfits with a floral scarf, for example, is a great way to completely change the look of something you might wear all the time. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your accent pieces. Remember, Spring is all about colour, so embrace it as much as possible! 

Choose Accessories Wisely

Yes, you can still wear accessories in the Spring – including jewellery! One good rule of thumb is to choose necklaces that are longer, rather than choker-style pieces. 

Long necklaces will draw vertical attention to your frame, which can make you look taller and slimmer. Loose bangles on your wrist can also create a more slimming effect, as opposed to tighter tennis bracelets. You don’t have to invest in expensive jewellery in order to get this effect. In fact, even fun costume jewellery can make a statement. Or, you can check out discount sites or try an I Saw It First Voucher for deals on items you might be interested in. 

Again, it’s important not to let your wardrobe define your happiness. But, if a few simple changes can give you a boost of confidence and make you feel good about yourself, don’t be afraid to include a little extra shopping in your self-care routine this Spring. Every mother deserves that kind of confidence, whether you’re chasing a toddler around the house, or heading to the office every morning. 



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    3 April, 2020 / 1:23 am

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