5 Simple Eco Home Improvements to Make This Year

Sustainability is all the rage this year. No matter what industry or aspect of your lifestyle you look at, sustainability is the hottest trend from food to your home. Research continues to unravel the dangers of climate change so its time to reevaluate our personal impact on the planet is essential.

Making your home more eco-friendly is no longer a difficult feat. Advancements in materials, appliances and installations have been rapidly growing year on year for a while now.

Here are 5 simple eco-home improvements you should consider making this year.

Use Less

The most simple and effective way to help the planet is to simply buy and use less stuff. Over the past 50 years as we have all become richer we have also become frivolous with our spending.

Many of us consume far more than we need whether it be food, cleaning products, clothes, gadgets and so on. If you really want to reduce your carbon footprint his year, make a concerted effort to buy and use fewer things.

Reuse and Upcycle 

Anything you do buy should be reused and recycled where possible. It’s never been easier to dispose of our unwanted things properly and in tune with good waste disposal practices.

Make sure you are reusing your old stuff and recycling any waste. Materials like glass, paper, cardboard and various metals, can easily be recycled and repurposed by companies for new products.

When it comes to reusing old things, get creative. Upcycling is a hot new trend and Pinterest is full of incredible ideas to reuse anything from your wine bottles to your broken washing machine.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances like washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, boilers, radiators and lightbulbs can now all be swapped out for energy-efficient versions that save you a ton of money on energy bills.

The initial cost may frighten you with some of the appliances but most pay back over 3-7 years. You then have at least 10 years of lower energy bills to benefit from and you will be helping the environment in the process.

Build or Buy a Composter

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A composter is a rubbish bin for your organic matter such as food waste, certain paper, and woods. Instead of leaving this bin outside for collection, you keep it in your garden to let the organic matter decompose naturally. This creates nutrient-rich compost you can use on your garden.

Not only is this far better for the environment, but your plants and grass will also thank you for the rich and fertile soil. Don’t worry, a composter doesn’t smell bad like you might expect. It’s actually quite odourless and you can keep at the back of your garden away from the house just in case.

Install Renewable Energy

Solar PV, solar thermal, underground heat pumps and biomass boilers are all great renewable energy installations that can help to make your home super energy efficient.

Most are easy to retrofit to your home and if you are building your own home, speak to your residential architects to ask them to incorporate these technologies into the design.

Once the initial cost is paid back you will benefit from free or at least considerably cheaper energy bills for many years to come.


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