Creative Ways to Practice Self Care At Home

Not all self-care activities involve going for a walk or meditating. There are also quite a few creative activities that will channel your inner artist or writer and still provide excellent self-care benefits. Here are some creative and artistic activities to help you practice self-care.

Get a Colouring Book

Adult colouring books have been popular for a while, and they are definitely not going anywhere. There are now many different types of colouring books, depending on what you are interested in. You can get gardens and flowers, animals and creatures, or even colouring books with curse words to have a little fun with them. This allows you to be creative and de-stress by simply colouring and not having to worry about anything.

Try Drawing or Painting

Here is another super-easy way to be creative and artistic, but also practice self-care. Self-care doesn’t have any hard or fast rules. It is simply about doing activities that make you feel good about yourself and can distract you from what is causing you stress and help you spend more time focusing on yourself. You want to make sure all your time is not spent working, cleaning, or taking care of your kids. You should also have some hobbies and activities you truly enjoy just for yourself. Grab a sketchbook and some art tools to draw, sketch, or paint as you wish.

Learn a New Craft

What better way to express your creative side than to learn something brand new? This is the perfect opportunity to get out there and try a new craft or form of art. You don’t have to be naturally artistic to be creative and enjoy any type of creative activity. Doing the activity isn’t the only way to taking better care of yourself, but also in learning how to do it. Think of some hobbies you always wondered about, like oil painting, making jewellery or metal stamping, or giving sewing or knitting a try.


Not all forms of being creative for self-care have to do with art and crafts projects. You can also start writing, which can be very therapeutic for you. This can be anything from writing in a journal to writing short stories or working on a novel. One good practice to start writing is to set a timer for 8-10 minutes, then just start writing whatever comes to mind. Continue writing without taking a break until the timer goes off.

Create a personal sanctuary

If you’re a busy mum like me, you probably find that the whole of your home is filled up with your family’s stuff and that there’s little room for yours.  If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room or even a corner big enough for a ‘reading nook’, then commandeer it and get creative with some funky accessories, or make your own dedicated workspace for blogging, writing, whatever relaxes you.  Read more here for some great, practical ideas for making the most of your space.

Whatever you choose, don’t feel guilty about carving out some time and space for yourself.  Men have been hiding in their garden sheds for years! It’s important to keep in touch with the person you were before kids and ensure that your creative and artistic talents don’t go to waste.

Who knows, you may discover a fantastic idea for a new business venture or a hobby so absorbing you’ll have a new strategy for coping when things get stressful.


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