Driving through a new city? Make it a breeze with these 5 driving tips

Whether you’ve been driving for decades or you’ve only just passed your test, driving through a new city, town or area can feel pretty overwhelming. New street signs, different peak traffic times, one way systems, a difference in driving attitudes – the list of differences is extensive. Of course, you can’t predict or prepare for everything that might happen out on the road, after all you never know when you will need a car accident lawyer, but luckily, there are some things you can prepare yourself for. Such as driving through a new city!

Simply put, the better prepared you are, the more you’re likely to stay safe on the road, along with
your family and passengers, giving you more opportunity to enjoy your time in a new location. Want
to know more? Read on for 5 driving tips that will help you navigate a new city.

Know where you are going

Whether you’re just driving through one city to make your way to another destination, or you’re
looking for something in particular, it’s important to know where you’re actually going and where
you want to end up. Don’t be afraid to check out the location on Google Maps first, to give yourself a
little clue about what the area looks like and what the parking scenario is going to be. The more
prepared you are the better you’ll feel.

Have all the right equipment with you

Many of us scoff at the idea of an old-style map, but if your satnav dies or if you have a problem with the navigation system in your car, you’ll be glad that you decided to bring one along. Having a bottle of water handy is great for keeping yourself alert and hydrated, or even something to chew or suck on – like chewing gum – will definitely help in those stressful moments. Driving in comfortable footwear is an absolute must. Remember you can always change your footwear when you arrive at your destination.

Do some research

Ok, so when are the busiest times of the day? 8am? 5.30pm? These times sound legitimate but are
they relevant to your new destination? Do plenty of research so you can hit the roads when they’re
at their quietest. It’ll give you more time to think and recover from mistakes easily. Are there any
parking restrictions you should know about? And what about the local street signs?

Keep distractions down to a minimum

Loud music, radio stations fizzing in and out, the kids fighting in the back seat and your passengers talking loudly – all of these distractions can play havoc with your concentration levels. So, try to keep distractions down to a minimum. Turn down the music, ask passengers to quieten down and give the kids a tablet to keep them occupied whilst you get your bearings.

Leave in plenty of time

If you have to be somewhere by a certain time and you have to navigate your way through a new
city then it’s advisable to give yourself plenty of time to allow for traffic, mistakes and finding your
destination. The more pressed for time you are, the more stressed you’ll be!


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