18 March, 2020

Hersey & Son Silversmiths Earring Review & A Giveaway

Last year, readers may remember a lovely giveaway of a beautiful Zodiac & Birthstone Pendant gifted to me by Hersey & Son Silversmiths in London and now I have the matching earrings to show you.  I always try to find my readers the best prizes and choose things that I would wear or use myself.  Well, read on because I have a second giveaway of a generous £60 to spend on any of the gorgeous silver jewellery you’ll find on their website.

One of the few remaining traditional silversmiths in the UK, Hersey & Son is are a father and son business who have been making jewellery in the UK since 1955.  They are also members of the National Association of Jewellers so you know you are purchasing from a genuine company.

The Detachable Birthstone Charm Hoop Earrings are ideal for daily wear and you can choose your birthstone, your favourite gemstone or the birthstone of someone special.

Did you know that birthstones are thought to offer protection to the wearer and are believed to promote happiness and vitality? They are an excellent gift for a birthday present or a special occasion.

The sterling silver hoop measures 15m and the silver birthstone measures 5mm so they are a decent size – important for those of us with long hair!

My earrings were delivered in the signature Hersey & Son Silversmiths gift box along with a complimentary cleaning cloth and care card.

And, since Hersey & Son pieces are hallmarked by the London Assay Office, you can be confident that you have high-quality solid sterling silver.

If you are buying as a gift, there is the added reassurance of Hersey & Son’s 100% Guaranteed replacement service if the piece is returned within 28-days of dispatch in its original condition/packaging. And there’s free delivery on all UK orders.

The birthstones used include cabochon-cut sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite and moonstone and, of course, all 12 horoscope signs are featured:- Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries.

I am a Gemini, so I chose the birthstone for May – Emerald.

Purchasing is easy.  Just select the birthstone you would like for your earrings using the clickable form on the webpage.

My earrings arrived beautifully packaged in a little grey presentation box and, as a particularly nice touch, there was a silver cleaning cloth included so that you can take care of your jewellery.

As with Zodiac Pendant, they are beautifully made and polished to perfection.  These earrings feel solid with a decent sized earring back that is easy to grasp and put on. I hate those little earring backs that you can’t find if you drop them or that are so insubstantial you worry about them falling off when you are out!

These would truly make a lovely gift but there are plenty of other fabulous pieces to choose from.  Take a look online and why not enter my giveaway?

The giveaway

Hersey & Sons are giving a generous £60 to one lucky winner to spend on anything that takes their fancy on the website.

Entry is via the GLEAM widget below and is open to UK residents only.  The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 5th April.  The usual terms and conditions apply which you will find on my giveaways page.  Mandatory entries must be completed in order for your entry to qualify.

Hersey & Son Silversmiths Giveaway

Good luck!

130 responses to “Hersey & Son Silversmiths Earring Review & A Giveaway”

  1. Christine Constable says:

    I love the Silver and Black Pearl drop earrings and the Detachable Mini Cross Charm Hoop earrings.

  2. katrina walsh says:

    Silver Magnifying Glass on Silver Chain

  3. Patricia Avery says:

    Some lovely earrings for my granddaughter but she is so picky I wouldn’t dare to choose for her!

  4. Keshia Esgate says:

    Silver Double Circle Drop Earrings

  5. min says:

    The girl’s silver torque bangle star is beautiful!

  6. Carolyn E says:

    Silver Cuff No. 3. I have been looking and lustingafter this for a while now,,,,

  7. Jackie Howell says:

    my first choice would be the lovely Silver Bangle No.2 – Hammered

  8. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I would choose the Silver Magnifying Glass on Silver Chain

  9. Helen Tovell says:

    I would pick the bee pendant necklace and the silver strawberry pendant necklace for gifts for my family

  10. Lucy Wright-Booth says:

    I would get the Girls Silver Torque Bangle Star as a Christening present for my daughter, for when we are finally able to go ahead with the Christening!

  11. Lorraine Williams says:

    I love this Silver Bangle No.1 – Hammered

  12. Brenda says:

    I love the Large Silver Circle of Life Pendant

  13. Tracey Ryder says:

    really like the sixpence pendant reminds me of my childhood

  14. Nadia Josephine says:

    I would love one of the zodiac pendants or maybe birthstone earrings! So much to choose from!

  15. leanne weir says:

    On a new locket

  16. I really like the rose gold vermeil four-leaf clover pendant – just that little bit different!

  17. Julie Ward says:

    The emerald birthstone silver stud earrings

  18. Susan Willshee says:

    I love the silver peace necklace

  19. Rich Tyler says:

    Silver Capricorn Pendant

  20. Amy Bondoc says:

    i adore the bee pendant!

  21. justine meyer says:

    Engraved Solid Silver Initial Pendant
    For my daughter

  22. Tayla Courtice says:

    Silver Hammered Oval Earrings!

  23. michelle hall says:

    i’d get the virgo pendant, its stunning!

  24. Sophie Roberts says:

    I would buy the Silver Dimpled Heart Drop Earrings, I think they’re beautiful!

  25. Eileen Hindley says:

    I would buy the large silver cross pendant

  26. michelle o'neill says:

    Sterling Silver Capricorn Pendant

  27. Fozia Akhtar says:

    I would love the the silver star chain bracelet

  28. Rachel Mccraith says:

    Love the silver cuff ring- hammered

  29. Rachel Walsh says:

    I’d choose the silver bee necklace

  30. Lucinda P says:

    There are so many lovely things to choose, I’d go for the sliver rose pendant

  31. Caroline H says:

    Loving the small pebble pendant.

  32. Sara Straw says:

    I’d choose a silver tooth box as a christening gift.

  33. Laura banks says:

    Sterling Silver Aries Pendant

  34. dan says:

    great stuff, I would love some of those bangles

  35. Claire Blakeley says:

    A nice new silver necklace would be lovely xxx

  36. Karen Weedon says:

    I’d choose the Large Silver Circle of Life Pendant

  37. Teresa Lee says:

    Sterling Silver North Star Compass Pendant

  38. Mari Sutherland says:

    Square Section Silver Open Bangle

  39. I love the lucky six pence and the bee.

  40. Katie Witherington says:

    The North Star pendant

  41. Janice says:

    I like the silver star chain bracelet

  42. Lynda Jones says:

    I would love some new earrings, I have pierced ears but have not worn earrings for a long time. They used to be my favourite piece of jewellery because they help to frame the face so nicely. I just seem to have got out of the habit

  43. Harry G says:

    I’d go for the silver rose pendant

  44. Judy says:

    Green is the colour of the season so allthough we won’t be going out those of us as essential workers can wear them out or for those at home can wear them as they sit on their couch

  45. Zoe C says:

    The Silver heart locket

  46. Ms C Bryan says:

    I would buy the large circle of light pendant

  47. Janette says:

    The bee necklace

  48. Nicola Dean says:

    I would choose the silver knot stud earrings. They will go with any outfit.

  49. Danika Lloyd says:

    I love the silver christening gifts

  50. Elaine Savage says:

    I would love the Large Silver Circle of Life Pendant

  51. Anna Wood says:

    I’d get the silver star chain bracelet and the matching star silver stud earrings (I know it goes over the £60 but they’re so pretty!)

  52. Megan Kinsey says:

    Lots of beautiful choices! I’d go for the Milky Aquamarine Birthstone Silver Bracelet – March

  53. Mary Lucking says:

    Birthstone Silver Stud Earrings

  54. Sirley Young says:

    The bee necklace. I love bees.

  55. The silver love knot earrings look lovely xx

  56. Ella Anderson says:

    Bee necklace!

  57. Julia Kerr says:

    I’d love to win the Child’s Silver Expanding Bangle for my godson on his christening day

  58. Adele Knight says:

    Love the Silver Guardian Angel Pendant

  59. Sarah Hanson says:

    The bee necklace

  60. the silver heart locket is cute

  61. claire woods says:

    Silver Rose Pendant

  62. Samantha M says:

    I’d buy the silver Aries pendant.

  63. Susan Trubey says:

    Yellow Gold Vermeil Four Leaf Clover Pendant

  64. Natasha R-M says:

    I would choose the lovely Yellow Gold Vermeil Gold Necklace as a present for my Mum.

  65. Christine Caple says:

    I love the Sterling Silver Pisces Pendant.

  66. I would buy the Silver Letter “K” Initial Pendant x

  67. donna skelton says:

    silver heart locket

  68. jen english says:

    I really love the Silver Curl Earrings, they’d definitely be my first choice.

  69. Clara says:

    The silver baby spoon

  70. The silver chain birthstone bracelet for August

  71. Leigh Keirnan says:

    Large silver circle of life pendant necklace

  72. lynn neal says:

    I like the bee necklace

  73. Susie Wilkinson says:

    I would love the Yellow Gold Vermeil Wishbone Pendant

  74. Natalie Burgess says:

    Id treat myself to a silver open bangle xx

  75. Annabel Greaves says:

    I would love the silver bee pendant

  76. Ellen Stafford says:

    I would buy the Rose Gold Vermeil Four Leaf Clover Pendant x

  77. Joyce W says:

    The small silver heart necklace would make a perfect gift for my grand daughter

  78. Angela Treadway says:

    Silver Torque Bangle With Star Charm x

  79. KATHY D says:

    Rose gold – Tree of Life for my goddaughters birthday

  80. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Silver Bangle No.1 – Hammered

  81. Victoria Prince says:

    The Sterling Silver St Christopher Pendant, and I’m not sure what else!

  82. Rachael McCadden says:

    i would buy the Sterling Silver North Star Compass Pendant

  83. Claire Driver says:

    2 silver ball necklace one for each of my daughters

  84. Christina Palmer says:

    Silver Dimpled Heart Drop Earrings And the bee earrings

  85. clair downham says:

    some november birthstone earrings

  86. Carole Nott says:

    I would choose the Tanzanite Birthstone Silver Stud Earrings- December

  87. Kelly Y says:

    Silver Oblong Hinged Cufflinks for my husband

  88. Paula Barker says:

    I would choose Silver Mini Initial Necklace With my children’s initials E and G

  89. melanie stirling says:

    The silver bangle no.3 hammered.

  90. Sheena Batey says:

    I love the Silver Bumblebee Earrings

  91. Solange says:

    The Sterling Silver Cancer Pendant with a ruby gemstone and the initial ‘S’.

  92. A S,Edinburgh says:

    I think I’d choose the Silver Heart Locket.

  93. Angie McDonald says:

    I’d choose the Silver Bee Pendant and matching Silver. Bumblebee Earrings

  94. john prendergast says:

    I would buy the Silver Rectangular Dog Tag Pendant

  95. Rebecca Sutton says:

    I love the Detachable Mini Heart Charm Hoop Earrings

  96. Susan Smith says:

    I would buy the Heavy Silver Identity Bracelet, its gorgeous

  97. Debbie Skerten says:

    I would choose the Silver Pebble Pendant. Many thanks.

  98. Love the Silver bee pendant

  99. Andrea Fletcher says:

    I like the silver mini hear pendant.

  100. felicity says:

    silver star and small silver teardrop earrings 🙂

  101. fiona waterworth says:

    I love the Sterling Silver Pisces Pendant

  102. Mel Pennie says:

    Really like the Large Silver Circle of Life Pendant

  103. Chris Andrews says:

    Silver and black pearl drop earrings please and thank you if l am the lucky winner

  104. kim neville says:

    I like the Lucky Sixpence Pendant

  105. Lisa Jones says:

    I’d get the silver heart chain bracelet for my mums birthday x

  106. Sara T says:

    Emerald is not my birthstone but they look so gorgeous I’d love to pick those.

  107. Susan B says:

    I would put the credit towards one of their lovely sterling silver pens.

  108. Nikki Hayes says:

    I love the Silver Triple Link Chain Earrings – but I also love the birthstone earrings as well, decisions decisions 😀

  109. Tracy Nixon says:

    I’d treat myself to a silver heart locket.

  110. Becky John says:

    Silver Bee Pendant & matching Earrings.

  111. Alana Walker says:

    I would buy my daughter one of the Girls Silver Birthstone Necklace. They are so lovely.x

  112. Alice Dixon says:

    It would have to be the silver guardian angel pendant

  113. Katie says:

    the silver bee pendant or a birthstone bracelet

  114. Peter Watson says:

    I’d get a Silver Bangle No.1 – Hammered for £58

  115. Louise A says:

    I would put it towards a Sterling Silver Match Box Case which would suit on top of our mantelpiece and the matches would be used for lighting our wood burner

  116. Fiona jk42 says:

    I would like to get one of their silver photo frames.

  117. Joo Dee says:

    so many lovely things, need some new stud earrings and a bracelet

  118. MichelleD says:

    I love the Amethyst necklace!

  119. Eileen Sumner says:

    Love the silver pebble pendant

  120. Elizm says:

    A silver bangle or a cute little salt spoon!

  121. Danielle Pooley says:

    Love the sixpence necklace. I’m a coin collector and very much believe in Lady Luck

  122. Ursula Hunt says:

    I love bracelets so would pick the Silver Torque Bangle With Star Charm

  123. Natalie Charman says:

    I would buy the Silver Star Pendant. It’s so pretty!

  124. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I love the detachable birthstone hoop earrings

  125. Charlotte isobelle says:

    I’d love to get one of the lockets, maybe the £50 round one.

  126. MARIA ROGERS says:

    Love the silver heart keyring or bookmark

  127. Lisa Rickard says:

    Ooh would love to win this fab prize

  128. Iain maciver says:

    Silver Heart Locket

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