Saving for a family holiday? Try these simple money-saving ideas 

All this cold weather has already got most of us dreaming of sun-kissed beaches and gentle waves lapping at our feet while the kids play in the sand. Family holidays are a wonderful thing, whether you’re sunning yourselves on a far off beach, or you’re enjoying quality time at a holiday park a few hours away, nothing beats being able to wave goodbye to your 9-5, endless schedules and boring routines. Family time is important so being able to afford to take your family away on a holiday is usually at the forefront of many parents’ minds. 

Holidays aren’t cheap, even the ones a little closer to home can blow your bank balance. So, what are your options? You can book a holiday and pay for it little by little, or you can wait until the last minute and see what deals you can get. Either way, you’re going to need some additional money, and here you’ll find some simple money-saving ideas that will get you a step closer to that all-important family holiday. 

Ditch the cigarettes 

Vaping products like this 88Vape starter kit are becoming hugely popular with smokers. Not just because they’re an alternative to traditional smoking but because they cost much less! As a smoker, you’re probably aware that the cost of cigarettes is always increasing, so if you’re hoping to quit and save money at the same time, switching to vaping products could be the answer. Click the link to find out more. 

Don’t order groceries online 

We’re all familiar with how convenient online grocery shopping is. Especially if you work long hours or you’re a busy parent who doesn’t want to drag the kids around a busy store. The problem with online grocery shopping is that it’s easy to get carried away. You’ll find yourself tempted by low prices and place several unnecessary items into your basket, and it’s only when you reach the checkout that you realise you’ve gone a bit overboard. Shopping in a physical store means you’ll be able to gauge the best deals, see that you’re getting good products and you’ll be able to stick to a list better.  

Take food with you! 

If you’re out with the kids it’s tempting to blow a large amount of money on snacks and meals at their favourite fast-food restaurants. However, if you make the change to bring snacks and food along with you, you can keep those hunger pangs at bay until you get home again.  

You might not need new clothes 

A huge amount of clothes are thrown away each year, and you may be familiar with the term fast fashion and how it’s contributing to the global waste issue. So, instead of ditching a jacket because the zip is broken, consider getting it fixed for a small fee. Hand-me-downs for the kids are always a great idea. Ask friends with children if they’d like to do a clothes swap, hit the charity shops or browse second hand online. Looking after your clothes better will save you a lot of money throughout the year and that money could be spent on a wonderful family holiday.  


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