Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

Despite the awful weather that has been impacting lots of the UK recently, spring is just around the corner. For many, that means home improvement time. Before you worry about the queues at shops like B&Q and the pressure to find the right colour paint for your hallway, there are some really easy spring cleaning steps you can take which can make a big difference.

Because spring cleaning the entire house can be a mammoth task, it’s worth focussing on one room at a time. With this in mind, we have teamed up with Bespoke Interiors who produce some of the most stunning kitchens Newcastle homes have to offer to share some tips for spring cleaning your kitchen.

Work in one direction

No matter what cleaning products you use, a great tip is to work in one direction around your kitchen, either clockwise or anti-clockwise and in a systematic order. If you choose a starting point and work from there, you’re not going to be spreading dirt back onto clean surfaces.

Microfiber cloths

We all have kitchen roll in our kitchen to wipe up any spills or crumbs. When you’re cleaning the kitchen, it can be tempting to wipe up any excess liquid with kitchen roll but using a microfiber cloth is much better. Not only are they great at absorbing any liquid but they’re better for the environment as you can reuse them. Some are even machine washable so you can keep them fresh for longer!


It’s really easy for clutter to build up around your home, especially when you’ve got a busy family. Even the kitchen isn’t immune to clutter building up, be that kitchen equipment or general household stuff. A spring clean is a great opportunity to sort out any clutter.

There are two ways you can tackle this. Creating new storage solutions for smaller items to keep them together is a great way to keep surfaces tidy. If you’re looking to have a get rid of some things, spring is a perfect time. Kitchen items can build up, and it’s easy to forget about that one old mixing bowl at the back of a cupboard.

A good general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year or 18 months throw it away. Not only will this help free up space, but it could prompt you to start looking at everything in your kitchen and work out what’s worth keeping and what isn’t.

Check over your long-lasting food

After you’ve done the weekly shop and you get home it often easiest to just put things away as quickly as possible. This can lead to items being pushed to the back of cupboards and sometimes forgotten about. During a spring clean, it’s a great idea to empty your cupboards and check the use-by date on boxes, jars and tins.

Unless you’re really organised, it’s easy for a jar of pasta sauce, for example, to be forgotten about and go out of date. You don’t want to be making dinner one day and open the jar to find it’s gone off! After you’ve had a clean-out of any out of date products, it’s a good idea to try and keep to a system where new items go to the back of a cupboard and you can keep your food organised.

Cleaning your microwave

Food and liquid getting splattered and spilt in the microwave are common. While you can take the glass plate out and was it like any other plate, the rest of the microwave can be a bit more challenging. A great tip is to use steam to help clean the inside of your microwave.

You can put some water inside a bowl or microwave pan and set your microwave away for 5-10 mins depending on how powerful it is. Because the microwave heats the water and creates steam, this helps loosen up any dirt on the inside on the microwave. It’s then much easier to clean. You can also add some white vinegar to the water, but this can leave a smell inside your microwave which some people find unpleasant.

I hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning and they make the task a little easier and more manageable!


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