Styles For A Statement Sofa To Get Your Room Noticed

It can be nice to have that one piece of furniture in your home which is a statement piece. Something that is the focal point of the room and that people are drawn to when they enter. For lots of us, this is the sofa.

If you’re looking to change your sofa and get something which will be that statement piece of furniture there are several sofa styles to consider. Here we are going to run through these styles and talk a little about each of them to hopefully help anyone out there considering getting a new one.

Tuxedo sofas

This isn’t a style you see often, but when you do see a tuxedo sofa, they are definitely statement pieces of furniture. Their unique design sees the arms at the same height as the high back of the sofa, creating a very stylish design. You can also see this design in chairs and loveseats. Developed in 1920s New York the style has an art deco flair and will be an eye-catching addition to any room. While the design is very unique, tuxedo sofas aren’t for everyone as some people can find them uncomfortable. This is why it’s so useful to go and try sofas in person if possible, to find out exactly how they feel to sit on before you buy.

Modern sofas

Any modern sofa will have a minimalist style which is immediately recognisable. Their clean and simple lines are perfect for today’s society where less really is more. Modern sofas often have metal elements, commonly the sofa feat. You can also get a modern sofa in a wide variety of colours which can really make these sofas a statement. Also, as they’re often made up of a single base cushion and separate but also single back cushion, they work really well with additional scatter cushions. This can allow you to be really creative and produce some great colour combinations that will really stand out.

Chaise Lounge

While the two sofas mentioned above work really well in living rooms and can definitely be classed as statement pieces for that room, not all sofas have to be in the living room. A chaise lounge is a classic piece of furniture with some placing the first one back thousands of years with Egyptian origins. While not particularly practical for modern living rooms which often need to seat multiple people comfortably, they are fantastic as a statement piece of furniture for other areas in your home. They work really well in bedrooms and hallways and definitely add a visual impact to any room.

Chesterfield sofa

A quintessentially British piece of design which has become synonymous with tradition and quality. Their distinctive buttons to create the ‘quilted’ style is immediately recognisable along with the leather finish. Chesterfields get their name from the man who is reported to have commissioned the first one, Lord Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield back in the 18th century. Due to the stature of a chesterfield and the high-quality finish of the leather, they definitely make statement pieces of furniture. While they are quite a traditional style, a Chesterfield sofa can still work well in a modern home with a minimalist design.

Sectional sofas

A really clever piece of design created the sectional sofa. The history of a sofa being split into sections dates back to the Victorian Era, but modern sectionals developed from the 1950s. There are a variety of benefits to sectional sofas, but flexibility is definitely number one. Having the ability to connect the sections into several shapes depending on the needs of the owner and the layout of the room is an incredibly useful feature. The most common configurations are ‘L’ and ‘U’ shapes, and while most section sofas are made up of two or three pieces, some larger ones can be made up of five. Due to their size and welcoming nature, sectional sofas are great statement pieces for any living room.

It’s clear that there are numerous sofa styles available depending on your preferences and style at home. Making a sofa a statement piece of furniture is an excellent way of providing a room with a focal point. As the sofas in this article show, statement sofas come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours so the choice is down to you to find your statement sofa.



  1. Sarah Cutts
    28 March, 2021 / 12:54 pm

    Sarah from Cottingham, East Yorkshire, UK
    Thank you Linda and Val for helping so many of us experiencing this life-changing noise. I am late 40’s and said previously the noise became extremely loud last summer. I have written to just about everybody I can think of – and I urge every one of you who has written on this blog to do the same. In particular, the MP George Eustice who is in charge of everything Environmental and your local MP.
    Could everyone keep a diary as this noise is not all the time. There was no noise at all on Friday, intermittent yesterday and loud today.
    Positive news – my local council took recordings last August and said there was nothing on them. However, after getting my MP involved they had to send the same recordings to the Environment Agency (just a snapshot) who have replied that there is ‘Significant Low Frequency noise’. I am so relieved at this news.
    I am on sedative anti-depressant drugs to make me sleep at night (otherwise it was 2/3hrs) – for everyone distraught this has worked for me, even on a v low dose.
    I would say that those with sensitive hearing can hear low frequency sounds. I dont know the source but will still say gas pipes – the main reason – its continuous in the winter and last summe,r nearly every week there were 2 days of nothing. The demand will be v low in the summer and high in winter.

    • linda
      28 March, 2021 / 2:12 pm

      Thank you for your comment but did you mean to add it to the post about the hum rather than this one?

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