Why Vinyl Is A Great Option For Your Bathroom Floor

Sorting out any flooring in your home can feel like a challenge. We often take flooring for granted and forget about it for most of the time, it’s just there and unless there’s a problem we tend to ignore it. However, making sure the flooring in your home is not only in keeping with your style, but also fit for purpose, is really important. Perhaps no room exemplifies this more than the bathroom.

Your bathroom floor needs to withstand a lot of things. Not only does it have to deal with people coming in and out all day every day, but also the high moisture levels in the room. Having a flooring material in your bathroom which is water-resistant is really important. Bathroom floors can get wet just from people stepping out of the bath or shower, along with the overall amount of moisture in the air from steam created by hot water. Some flooring options such as carpet are completely unsuitable for bathrooms as the fabric can easily absorb moisture which can lead to bacteria and mould growth.

Other flooring options also have notable drawbacks for use in a bathroom. Wood flooring is susceptible to the wood becoming damp, and because the temperature can change significantly during the day in a bathroom, wood can then shrink, expand or even curl. This can cause significant damage to the floor which can be expensive to repair. Even flooring which isn’t going to shrink or expand, such as ceramic tiles, have significant downsides. Not only can ceramic tiles be time-consuming and difficult to clean with their grout lines, but they can be chipped or cracked. Also, if you’re walking on ceramic tiles with wet feet, you need to be careful of slipping.

One flooring option with several features which make it an excellent choice for any bathroom is vinyl flooring. Along with being water-resistant and highly durable, which are clearly essential for any bathroom, it has other benefits which differentiate it from other options. Amtico, are a leading producer of luxury vinyl flooring, and we’ve teamed up with them to highlight some of the other reasons why vinyl is a great option for your bathroom floor.

Warm and comfortable underfoot

Having a flooring material you don’t dread walking across first thing in the morning is really important. We have all had those cold mornings where we walk into the bathroom, and the stone or tiled floor is really cold and uncomfortable. With vinyl flooring, this isn’t a problem as it has a naturally warm feeling underfoot. Also, as luxury vinyl tiles are made up of multiple layers, they create a soft and cushioned surface for you to walk on compared to the hard and sometimes harsh feeling of wood or ceramic tiles.

Underfloor heating

While vinyl is a naturally warm material, it also works brilliantly with underfloor heating. Other materials can make it hard to install underfloor heating and also allow the heat to permeate through the floor and warm the room. Vinyl, on the other hand, allows heat to pass through, and this can create a lovely warm bathroom first thing on those cold winter’s mornings.

Installed over existing floor

Often, installing a new floor can be a major inconvenience with the disruption it can cause to your home. With vinyl, not only can it be installed over some existing floors, because of its reduced thickness, it can be installed without the need to alter doors or remove skirting boards. With bathrooms, in particular, you don’t want the process of installing a new floor to heavily impact your ability to use the room.

Wide range of styles

Bathroom design and style has gone through many phases over the years. However, now more than ever, we’re seeing we’re bold designs in bathrooms, and this included the floor. While stone and wood effect tiles will always be popular, the variety now being produced for luxury vinyl tiles allows for a wide range of design ideas to be achieved. If you’re looking for a bold and colourful bathroom floor, without compromising on the essential features of the floor, vinyl could be the answer!

The range of benefits highlighted above shows what a great option vinyl is for any bathroom. Not only is it able to withstand the water and foot traffic of a busy household bathroom, along with being comfortable and warm underfoot, but the range of styles and options available means you’re likely to find a floor that you’ll love to walk over every day.

When you are revamping your flooring it’s an ideal time to check the condition of your skirting boards and spruce up your paintwork too.



  1. Karen Watt
    3 April, 2020 / 5:22 pm

    We are going to decorate our bathroom reading this I will be getting a good quality vomyl for the floor Thanks.

  2. Susan B
    19 March, 2020 / 4:10 pm

    I am a modern vinyl convert. It has improved loads in recent years so I will certainly be using it for my bathroom and other areas.

  3. Fiona jk42
    18 March, 2020 / 3:26 pm

    We’re planning to re-do our bathroom this year, and are seriously considering vinyl as I hate cleaning grout.

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