7 Gift Ideas For Teenage Gamers

When you have kids, or friends that have kids, you learn to understand that every generation and every phase of growing up brings along with it different wants and needs. So when it comes to buying gifts, one has to be extremely careful! And when it comes to teenagers in particular, they can be very difficult to get right. 

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But, to help you out this post looks at gift ideas that are exclusively for the gaming teenager, because more often than not, the teenager in question is bound to have an obsession with gaming! 

Gaming Desk

One of the best ideas to get as a gift for your gaming-obsessed teen, is a gaming desk. If you don’t know the first thing about gaming, you can’t really go wrong with this. You need to do some research online and you’ll be able to find more here on the variety of options. You’ll find it much easier to pick the best one, but be sure to find out how much space the teen in question has so that you get the right size as well. 


Getting a headset as a gift is a great idea, because a gamer can never have too many headsets, that’s for sure! Try to find out that it is made exclusively for gaming, as these are designed for long hours of use and pay attention to details such as cushioning and mic quality as well. Headphones are ideal for teens who love to game, because they love to have the volume put on blast, and by getting them the headphones, you’ll be keeping them and the rest of the family happy as well!


Find out what kind of gaming consoles your teen has, and then get out there and find them a special edition controller. This is bound to get them super excited, as these are not made for mass production and certainly pass for being a great and thoughtful gift. You can get extra points if you know what their favourite game is and are able to get a controller that has this game’s theme on it. 

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Game-Themed Memorabilia

You will be able to have the widest variety of options when it comes to memorabilia. If you look online, you’ll find plenty of platforms from which you can choose a number of things. From pillows to lamps, cake moulds and even towels or bed sheets. There are a lot of really cool things to get when it comes to memorabilia with a gaming theme. 


Because it is a well-known fact that gamers love to spend hours on end playing these games, getting them a gaming chair as a gift will be heaven-sent. If they have a normal chair by their desk, or even sit on the floor to use their consoles, they are bound to be in pain by the end of their gaming sessions. Get them an ergonomic chair that is particularly designed for gaming and they will love you forever for it! 

VR Set

If you have a teen that loves gaming, then they’re bound to go crazy over a VR set for sure! Check out your options, and see which would be best for your budget and what kind of features you’d like for it to have. VR is all the craze these days, so it’s a great gift option.

Custom Made Mouse Pads 

When all else fails, you can go down the sentimental route and have a custom made mouse pad. Find out what the teen’s favourite character or game is, and have an image put onto the mousepad. It doesn’t even have to be the standard shape, you can design it to look as unique as you like. You can even put their name on it and throw in a cool mouse as well to round off the gift to perfection.

Teenagers who love gaming have specific preferences, so it’s important that you keep the suggestions we’ve made here in mind when you’re deciding on a gift for them. The key is to at least have an idea on what kind of game they like, the setup that they have, and how they play their games. By doing so, you’ll be able to fill in the gaps for them and give them a gift that’s bound to take their gaming experience to the next level which gives you extra points for paying attention to the things they love the most! You can’t really go wrong if you get a bit thoughtful and do your research as well. 


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  1. Lyndsey cooksey
    29 June, 2020 / 8:17 pm

    This would be my daughters ultimate gaming list! She is 14 but loves her games and its important to have to have the correct set up. I like the custom made mouse pads.

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