Adding A Spring Touch To Your Kitchen

Now that spring is here I find myself inspecting all the nooks and crannies of Hobbis Towers that haven’t been apparent since last summer.  Once the clocks go back, it’s so easy to ignore all those little DIY jobs that need doing because come autumn, it’s time to start budgeting for Christmas.

We’ve been contemplating a complete kitchen renovation for a long while, but building projects can be so expensive, time-consuming and disruptive, it’s understandable that we still haven’t got round to it.

As any busy parent will tell you, all too often the time just isn’t right!

Despite this, I sometimes survey our living space with a sinking heart and turn to the odd quick fix to refresh a room and lift my mood.

Our kitchen fittings are light wood with a black worktop and adding a pop of colour is surprisingly effective.

Doing this is simple if you add a bunch of fabulous seasonal blooms and chuck out those less than pristine cloths and towels.  You could add a special touch with teatowel printing from Countryside Art.

Of course, if you are short of time (and enthusiasm!), you can always use a specialist cleaning company like SMC Premier who have the know-how to deal with the trickiest cleaning jobs to come in and give your home a thorough deep clean.

Otherwise, here are some more ideas to try:-

* Change the curtains or blinds – you could add more colour with a new roller or Venetian blind.

* Hang pretty string lights or stuff strings of battery operated lights into glass vases to add a cosy glow to corners.  You could take them outside into the garden for alfresco dining too.

*Install a new splashback behind your cooker and jazz things up with some funky ceramic tiles.

* Repaint – but if you are renting make sure you get your landlord’s permission first.

* If your kitchen units are past their best, consider changing just the unit doors.  You don’t need to replace the frames if these are still in good condition.

* Similarly, you could replace worn-out kitchen carpet tiles (yes we have some!) with linoleum or woodblock flooring – or add some brightly coloured rugs.

* Create a unique display of family photos with mix and match frames – or indulge your artistic talents on the fridge door.

* If you have pets then now would be an excellent time to clean pet beds and blankets and treat them to new bedding, food and water dishes.

*Switch up any padded cushions on kitchen chairs with ones in a bright colour or get breakfast bar stools reupholstered if they are past their best.

*Tablecloths, napkins and your kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster, coffee maker etc.) can all be purchased in matching or toning colours to suit most budgets.

I’m hoping that these tricks will tide us over and give us stylish enough kitchen to avoid the full renovation for a couple more years!

Do you have any renovation tips to share?


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