Room Heaters: Keep Your Baby Warm When It’s Chilly

On a cold winter night, chilling temperature could wake your baby up many times during the night, which could lead to a sleepless night.

This blog is all about picking the best space heater for the baby room, as it is a matter of their safety and health at the same time.

Room heater: Are they safe for babies?

The answer to this tricky question depends upon the type of room heater that you are using. For toddlers generally, the standard safety feature is provided in-room heater. But one should avoid gas-powered heaters as they are dangerous for babies. Children are curious at this age, and glowing red heating elements will simply draw their attention. Even though it is well covered and protected, a toddler can reach the hot panel with their tiny finger, which can cause bad burns to their hands. Even if you keep these heaters away from their reach still the gas-powered heaters are a bad option for their rooms.

The harmful Carbon monoxide colourless and odourless gas is produced from the gas-powered heater, which is extremely toxic and can cause severe harm and even suffocation.

Best heater for the baby’s room?

There are many types of heaters in the market other than the gas-powered heater. Here are some of the best room heaters which you can buy for your babies’ room:

Ceramic heater

This Convection heater is considered to be the best bet when it comes to a baby’s room. Ceramic is the main heating element in these heaters, which come along with the support of oscillating fans. They are small in size and come with a grill, and whenever the child tries to wriggle a finger, then it automatically gets switched off.

As most of the convection heaters are slow, whereas ceramic heated up quickly hence warming the room. And the main reason behind that is an oscillating fan in them. But there is a drawback they get noisy at times. So, choose carefully as the sleep of the baby is important.

Oil heaters

Oil heaters are also considered to be the best space heater for the baby’s room. As they don’t use oil as fuel nor they use electric fans, making it a lot safer. This heater uses oil as their heating element, which is heated electrically; it takes time but stays for a longer time. Its outer part doesn’t heat up as much as others, making it safe for babies to touch without any burns. The best part is its auto-shutoff feature, which can be programmable accordingly. Many oil heaters have smart thermostats to control room temperature and can keep the room warm for a long period of time, even when they are switched off.

Humidifying heater

Humidifying heaters is also a good option for your babies’ room. It will give you the best air quality in the room. It heats up a room pretty fast and comes with a tip-over and overheating protection systems.

 Mica thermic panel heater

These small and portable heaters work by a combination of convection and radiation. They get extremely hot due to which they shouldn’t be placed on the ground. They are not good at heat circulation, but the only advantage is they are energy efficient as they don’t use a fan.

Would it be safe to live room heaters all night?

No, it is not recommended to do such a full stop. It is usually advised to keep the heater away from any flammable object like curtains, rugs, floor mats, etc. If your room heater has safety features like overheating or tip-over protection, you might keep it on at night.


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