7 Home Projects to Tackle During Quarantine

Coronavirus pandemic has brought many lifestyle changes. The stay at home order, for instance, has restricted most outdoor activities. As a result, many people are now stuck in their homes, spending most of their time online, sleeping, and just idling around. According to several studies, an idle mind is prone to mental illness and other adverse behavioural changes. We should, therefore, engage in different constructive activities to keep ourselves sane and also have fun during the quarantine. Kill boredom with any of these home projects during your free time at home.

1. Clean Your Home

Cleaning projects will not only help you overcome boredom but also ensure that you spend your quarantine in a clean environment. Every part of the house deserves a thorough cleaning. Start with open places such as the floor, the tables, the seats, and the walls. Clean them thoroughly and remove the visible dust. After that, clean the baseboards and vents since they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt. Clean under the beds, under the cupboards, and any other hidden area that you have not been cleaned during the busy days. Do not forget the bathroom drawers, kitchen cabinets, sinks, bathtubs, and the laundry area.

2. Start Farming

Farming is an excellent idea for people in rural areas and urban areas, too, provided that they have a small yard. The winter is almost here, and you should, therefore, start preparing your farms for the planting season. You can also try a new gardening idea, new crops, or something that you have never planted before. Farming is not all about cash crops. You can consider trying flowers, or vegetables, which mature first.           

3. Improve Your Lighting

You can utilize your quarantine period by improving the lighting system in your home. You can do this by cleaning the existing lampshades, replacing the old bulbs and lighting systems, or by ordering new lights online. If your room is always dark, brighten it by preventing the obstacles which hinder sunlight from getting into the internal parts of the house. Similarly, you can change your heavy curtains to the light and transparent ones to allow the light to pass through easily. There are plenty of lighting projects, and you can, therefore, research on the best and do them on your own without necessarily seeking the help of an expert.

4. Upgrade Your Furniture

There are plenty of DIY activities that you can apply to upgrade your home furniture. For instance, you can refresh the existing wood with mayonnaise or skip the old countertops with concrete. Most of the DIY furniture activities need a good track saw for effective cutting. During your free time, you can visit the site that you trust most, and review the available track saws in the market. The right buying guide can help you choose the best tools which meet your functional and financial expectations. The changes you make in your furniture, however, should not interfere with the fantastic decor of your home.

5. Try Landscaping

If the area outside your home is messy, utilize your free time to improve it. Landscaping involves plenty of activities such as cutting the unwanted trees, shrubs, flowers and replacing them with new ones. You can create a simple stone path in your yard; build a fire pit outside, a cabin escape, or even a sophisticated treehouse for your children. There are plenty of landscape inspiration ideas from different online sources, and you can, therefore, find out the perfect designs for your home.

6. Decorate Your House

The curb appeal of your home is vital during this period, where you must stay indoors for long hours. When you are free, you can fix up the old things to make it more appealing. For instance, you can refinish the front door, paint your walls, furnish your windows, create a pleasant walkway, or replace the old mailbox. In addition to that, you can add shutters or plant perennials. Most home projects are DIY, and you will, therefore, not spend much money on them.

7. Create A Home Office

A home office is essential irrespective of the kind of work you do. It is an escape point that you can always run to when you are overwhelmed by your house chores. There, you will have peace and fewer disturbances from your children. Find a quiet corner or unoccupied room in your house, and then create the office. You will only need a table, a chair, a shelf, and probably, a pleasant wall décor for aesthetic purposes.

As you can see, there are plenty of home improvement ideas during the lockdown. As you do these things, you will enhance the appearance of your home and also keep your mind active. Choose the best method for your home and kill boredom with fun and satisfying activities.


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