Best Family Days Out During Lockdown

With the COVID-19 outbreak making travelling and getting the kids out of the house a difficult task, here are some ways you can still have a great day out with the family during lockdown. Now, please note, I am not suggesting for a moment that you ignore Government guidelines and remember that the rules differ widely between England, Scotland and, where I live, in Wales.  And where ‘family’ is referred to, this means the family who share your household.

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Sadly we can’t include grandparents, relatives who live away or friends just yet.   The ‘social bubble’ idea is on its way apparently where you can spend time with 10 ‘selected’ friends and family but, as yet, we’ve no idea where that one is going to go or even when.

That said, if you’ve got kids are who going stir crazy, like mine, the remedy is fresh air, exercise and mental stimulation other than the XBox.

Cycling treks

You can drive to places with your family so long as it is local, so you should have no problems getting a bike out and about. No travelling from England to Wales to cycle at the moment though!

There are loads of treks and trails across the UK, wherever it is that you are based. If you and your kids are not comfortable on a bike, then you should look at tricycles. Experts over at Jorvik Tricycles say that tricycles are one of the most popular alternatives to bicycles. As they have three wheels they offer you a bit more safety and stability than a regular bicycle. You can also get tricycles with child carriers in case you have young children and still want to get out into the countryside. There are also folding tricycles which are transportable.

More stable they may be, but don’t forget protective gear such as cycle helmets and take plenty of water while the temperatures continue to climb.

It’s worth taking a look at the National Trust website to see if there are any days out locally to you.  Make sure you check before you travel as many sites are still shut.  The same applies to English Heritage and Cadw sites.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Round Walks

There are some great round walks that you can find. Round walks are essentially trails starting from a car park or other location where you leave your car and return to it at the end of your walk. There are usually directions and signs that guide you along the way, with different and shorter routes if you fancy a shorter walk or have younger children. It’s a great way to burn off some of that excess energy that your kids will have, particularly being locked in at home with no school! You can also take your dog if you have one, so they can also burn off a bit of energy.

You can find plenty of local guidebooks with walks in your locality on Amazon.  Also consider stout footwear like walking boots, a raincoat and make sure your mobile is charged – just in case you get lost!

Ieuan in local meadows surrounding Dinas Powys

Keep it local

It is recommended you try and stay around your local area where possible. If you’re lucky enough to have great walking places around your local area, then why not keep it local? Here in Dinas Powys we are surrounded by beautiful woodland and meadows, as well as being close to rugged coastline and sandy beaches. Of course, not everyone is fortunate to have walking spots on their doorstep. Take a look on Google maps to see what is in your local area and take the kids out whether it be for a walk or out on their bikes.

Rainy days?

If the weather is bad, which let’s face it, in the UK, is expected, you can still stay fit and healthy at home. There are some great home workouts you can do with your kids with fitness gurus like Joe Wicks on YouTube. They are free of charge so there really is no excuse! These videos can also be used as P.E lessons whilst they are out of school.

It’s really important, particularly whilst schools are shut that you and your children stay active. If you have any more suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below with any ideas or examples of how you and your children have been staying active, it’s always interesting to see what everyone is up to!

All we can do is hope that restrictions lift soon for everyone once COVID-19 is under control and the risk of a ‘second wave’ is minimised.  In the meantime, observing Government advice and practising social distancing is the way forward.  This won’t last forever.


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