Creating a Positive Morning Routine as a Family

When you and your family wake up, how you handle the morning ahead can have a major influence on productivity levels. If your children are heading to school and you are going to work, getting the day off to a good start can help you feel positive and ready for anything.

Currently, of course, Lockdown has thrown us all off balance and we have had to adapt and create new routines and habits.  That said, structure is key for both parents and children, so here are a few ways to create a positive morning routine as a family.

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Make Sure Sleep is a Priority

For the morning routine to go well, it’s important that you all get a good night’s sleep beforehand. If any of you wake up feeling rundown and restless, tantrums and arguments can occur, which can set a bad tone for the day ahead. To wake up feeling energized and ready to jump into your morning routine, setting a firm bedtime for you and your family is key.

As an adult, you should aim for roughly seven hours of sleep per night. Children and toddlers will need more sleep, so make sure that you lay down ground rules from the start. To improve your quality of sleep, purchasing a new mattress may help. The larger size can help with sleep and get your day off to a good start.

Prepare the Night Before

Once everyone in your household is getting enough sleep, the next step is to try and reduce the number of tasks everyone has to complete in the morning. There are several actions that you can take, such as preparing breakfast and packing lunches the night before, choosing what clothes your child needs for school, as well as ironing your work attire so you can spend more time as a family.

Wake Up Before Your Kids

As a parent, being positive and in good spirits in the morning can rub off to your children. If your kids see you stressed and anxious, they may adopt the same mindset, which can hinder productivity levels at school, so make sure that you wake up before your kids and have some time for yourself to help you feel more relaxed and ready for whatever is on the agenda.

Just like children, parents benefit from a regular routine too, so creating your own morning ritual before you wake up the kids will add structure to your morning. You may benefit from practising relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga before starting your day.

Make a Morning Routine Chart

If you have younger children, try using pictures instead of words in your morning routine chart. There are several things that need to be completed before your kids head off to school, such as brushing their teeth, combing their hair, getting dressed, and eating breakfast. Making things fun and exciting for your kids can help the morning routine run smoothly. Creating a morning routine chart will teach your children the importance of organisation, which will put them in good stead when heading into the working world.

Check in With One Another

If you haven’t got a morning routine in place, getting your children ready for school can be overwhelming. It’s important that you are all in the best mindset possible before heading out the door, so setting aside time to check in with one another can help. Eating breakfast together as a family and discussing what you all want to achieve for the day ahead can boost productivity and concentration levels. It can also be a good time to address any worries, fears, or concerns your children may have.

Whether you have a long day at the office ahead, your kids are heading off to school or you are still all rattling around the home, all the suggestions listed above can help you create a positive morning routine as a family.


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