DIY vs Outsourcing Lead Generation: Which Is Better For Your Business

When it comes to sales getting a hallowed appointment is everything. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the sales acumen to make that happen. In fact, it has been said that converting leads is one of the hardest elements in business. In this piece, stay tuned for some helpful tips that will help you set and land your appointments easily.

Let’s dive in.

B2B Lead Generation

Using top resources such as LinkedIn, the first step in the appointment setting process is locating and vetting your potential leads. LinkedIn, the top networking social media platform for B2B offers multiple options and resources to locate and communicate with leads. They also incentivise these leads to connect and communicate.

Qualifying leads can be an arduous task and although you can try to do it in-house, to save money and time, outsourcing this part to an expert agency is ideal. A recent study described why waiting for leads to “qualify” was a huge waste of time and money. While your customer is waiting to be “approved” they have already gone off to the competition. Instead, here are just some of the ways appointment setting services will talk to your customer to close:

  1. Ask questions that expose an issue or problem they have
  2. Find out if they feel good about their current service
  3. What would they change about that service?

As your customer responds they will begin to realise that their current service is not keeping them happy and better yet they will explain why. They will also relay other issues or problems they have which allows an appointment setter to line up a direct response of “we do exactly that”.


Appointment setting does not need to take place in-house. Using appointment setting services means you have an extension of your team that is trained and focused specifically on setting quality appointments. Here are just a few differences your company will benefit from:

  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Professionalism
  • Closers

By using appointment setting services you can be sure to get more leads booked in a fast professional way with great ROI. Trained appointment setters UK are closers meaning they are sales personnel focused on closing whatever deal is in front of them.

Your Pipeline

If your team is working to fill and sell to the pipeline chances are it will dry up fast. On the other hand, having a full pipeline, but not enough people to handle it is even worse as you watch your money go don the competition.

A balance needs to exist between the two where your pipeline is always full and your sales team has the time and energy to close as many as possible. As mentioned outsourced appointment setting services help on both fronts. This leaves your hands free to use your team on qualified leads showing how your product or service is what their business needs.

Wrap Up

While you can choose a DIY approach to getting leads and setting up appointments, it tends to lead to a lot of hang-ups and frustration. Outsourcing and choosing appointment setters UK, means you have an experienced group dedicated to converting each call into a lead, and each lead into an easy close. For B2B lead gen, this is an imperative switch, one that will fill your pipeline and close more deals.


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