How To Make The Perfect Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

When we redecorate our homes, we often overlook one of the most important rooms in our homes, our bathrooms! For lot’s of people their bathroom will look exactly the same as the day they moved into their homes, this is for a few reasons, people often think that bathrooms will be expensive to decorate or that any renovations will be hard to undertake.

So today, we’ll be looking at a few cheap and easy ways you can revamp your bathroom that you can do by yourself at home, so let’s get into it!

Co-Ordinate Small Fittings And Towels

Starting off with probably the easiest change to make, colour co-ordination, now for the sake of simplicity we’ll be sticking to things we can just order from IKEA or any other good homeware store, so for your bathroom that will include: bathroom bin, towels, soap dish, toilet brush holder, floor mats, etc.

You’ll need to decide on a colour theme for this, as most bathrooms tend to be painted with neutral tones, you can highlight your style using a nice vibrant colour like Coral or Baby Blue then get all the bathroom bits you need in that colour (usually homeware stores will have different items in the same colour or even a bundle of different bits in the same colour). Once you’ve done this, your bathroom will have a much more cohesive look to it.

Photo by LumenSoft Technologies on Unsplash

Get A Set Of Bathroom Blinds

Lot’s of people don’t have any window dressing on their bathroom windows, most of the time bathroom windows are frosted so you can’t see in or out, but the look of an undressed window isn’t really a good look for a bathroom and light coming in through the window can still get in your eye and distract you.

If you look for some Bathroom Blinds on the internet, you’ll find yourself with plenty of choices to pick from, just be sure to get a blind designed for bathroom use as some normal blinds will be damaged by the general wetness of a bathroom. Once you’ve found a set of blinds that will function well for you, find a colour you want for them, you should either pick the colour of your bathroom walls or match to the rest of your bathroom accessories.

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Organise Your Bathroom Products

Most of us take the same approach to our bathroom supplies, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners are usually just strewn about on a countertop or along the edge of the bath, while this is easy, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing.

So we recommend to get some form of organising tool for your bathroom, whether it’s a shower caddy or a simple plastic tun to keep everything together, you’ll notice that your bathroom looks better and is easier to clean just off of that, leaving you with a lovely neat bathroom.


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