Nifty Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Choosing a gift to give to a teenager may not be an easy thing to do not unless you are certain about what the teenager really wants. However, if you are familiar with what the Gen-Z wants nowadays then chances are high that whatever you choose as a gift will never fail to make your teenager happy on his special day. But, if you don’t know him that much, that’s when the dilemma comes in. Luckily, we have the following list to make it easier for you to choose the best gift and be able to surprise your teenager just how in-the-know you can be. 

Automatic wristwatch

An automatic wristwatch is something that’s both essential and fashionable. Don’t worry because you do not have to splurge thousands of dollars to be able to find the best one. In fact, you will definitely find an  affordable automatic watch that you can buy as a gift. Yes, there are great models that only cost not more than $500. If you think your teenage son does not like the Seiko or any other classic brands, you can also opt for other watches that are just as nifty. Whether it’s made of a metal or leather bracelet or may it be a dive watch or a dress watch, rest assured that whatever you choose, your teenage boy will certainly appreciate it. 

GPS Drone with HD Camera

Giving your teenage boy a high powered GPS drone will surely fill him with much gratitude and excitement. Look for a drone that has GPS features and easy to control. Make sure as well to choose a model that has the reputation to stay stable and is less likely to fall while still on its flight. Another great feature to look for in a drone is the built-in HD camera to ensure your teenage boy will be delighted to take pictures while the drone flies. 

Kanken Backpack

A kanken backpack is no doubt a big hit among teenage boys who also happen to be retro-loving. A kanken backpack looks simple yet so practical. Not to mention that it is also robust and can just be wiped clean. You may choose from a wide variety of iconic brands. See to it that its size is big enough to hold several books so your teenage boy can also use it in school. Some models have side pockets and with adjustable shoulder straps.

Airpods with Charging Case

Wireless airpods are mostly in every teenager’s wishlist these days. Having airpods that automatically play music once they’re placed in the ears is such a cool gift idea for a teenage boy. This airpod also stops automatically once you take it out of your ears. Choose a model that has high quality sound and one which only needs you to double-tap whenever you want to skip a song. 

Phone Case Money Holder

Having a phone case that also serves as a money holder is something that spells comfort and convenience to your teenager. Make sure to choose a model that has enough room for storage to hold his essentials such as his cards, and his student ID. The good thing about having these essentials in your wallet is that they also serve as added protection for your phone in case you drop it. Some models even have grip-textured sides that lessens the likelihood of you dropping it.

Smart Fitness Watch

Teens who regularly indulge in sports will find a smart fitness watch such a very useful gift. Look for the one that displays on-screen workouts and can be waterproof for even up to 50m only. Another important feature to look for in a smartwatch is its battery life. There are models out in the market with a battery that can last for up to 4 days. Smart fitness watches can be used to monitor heart rate and sleep. 

Mini Portable Charger

Like the rest of us, we do not want to have a dead cellphone while on the go. This goes to say that your teenager will also find a mini portable charger a very practical gift. If you give him a portable charger, it would be very convenient for him to charge his phone wherever he may be. A mini portable charger that comes with a travel pouch will be a good option. 

Gaming Chair

If you have more than enough money to spend on a gift that will surely last a lifetime, might as well buy a gaming chair for your teenager. To make it the best gift, opt for a wireless gaming chair that also comes with a ported power subwoofers, vibration motors and forward-facing speakers.  Some gaming chairs are also foldable and are compatible with Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming consoles. 

Today’s teenagers are more technologically advanced than their parents. But, this does not mean that giving them a gift that has nothing to do with tech and gadgets may no longer impress them. For as long as the gift is carefully chosen, something that also caters to the teen’s personality, then it will no doubt be appreciated. If you want to make sure it is something that he wants, why not ask him? It never hurts to do so. But, nevertheless, the list provided in this article will surely make that hard-to-impress teenager feel elated.


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