The Best Flooring for a Modern Bedroom

Modern bedrooms are all the rage with interior designers and homeowners at the moment. They’re sleek and suave – attractive yet practical. Their contemporary style suits our contemporary needs. For example, their minimalist aesthetic means they can become excellent home offices, or relaxing spaces to wind down when the white noise of everyday life gets a little too loud.

If you’re a homeowner looking to design a modern bedroom for these purposes, then what flooring you’re going to lay down is very important to consider. Something as simple as the material you use can completely change the mood of a room or how practical it is. Therefore, this article will be giving you ideas and talking you through what kind of flooring works best when designing your modern bedroom.

Wood Floors

Wood floorboards are great for anybody who wants to create a functional, fashionable bedroom. It is the little black dress of flooring. While trends come and go, wood is timeless. Being a staple of interior design means it’s a versatile material that suits every colour scheme and aesthetic (plus, it looks stunning when paired with the right rug). It’s a reasonably durable material, too, particularly when made from engineered wood. Companies like Wood Floor Warehouse specialise in this type of flooring, with their website even highlighting what products are trending in the marketplace. Therefore, a modern bedroom would really benefit from a wooden floor. Having a peruse of an online flooring store is a good place to start when making your decision.

Carpeted Floors

Carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms. It’s plush and comfortable and can make any room look cosy. Unfortunately, carpets do lose their lustre over time, as the fabric can be stained and worn down quite easily. What once made your bedroom look modern and polished now makes it look tired and dated. There is also the disadvantage that once you lay a carpet down, it confines the room to one colour palette. If you often want to change your room to fit with trends in interior design, you might want to avoid this one. Especially avoid patterned carpets, as they can make a room feel chaotic and don’t lend themselves well to modern décor.

Laminate Floors

Laminate is a practical type of flooring and has a glossy finish which goes well with a luxurious modern aesthetic. It also comes in a variety of styles, from herringbone wood to faux slate, at a fraction of the installation price. Spilling your morning coffee in this room isn’t so much of a worry as it might be in a carpeted one. Laminate floors also have a cushiony underlay which makes them more comfortable underfoot. Look at an online flooring store for inspiration and see how laminate can really give a bedroom a sleek, modern finish.

To conclude, make sure the flooring you decide on for your modern bedroom is versatile and durable. Choose something which looks timeless but can also stand the test of time – whether that be changing fashion trends or the general wear and tear that comes with a bedroom.



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