The Ultimate Starter Kit For A First-Year University Student

Starting university is an exciting prospect and one that should be made the most of.  It’s a brand new challenge – living away from mum and dad, and the first real chance you may have as a young adult for real independence. Going into this stage of your life with at least some preparation would be unwise, although so many do! For a start, make sure you check out a good university course finder to find the course that’s right for you and your future career plans. Being prepared for your new life will help you in many ways and will make your introduction to the university experience a lot more enjoyable. 

So let’s talk about what’s required for your ultimate starter kit for your first year of university. 


This is an absolute must and should really be sorted before looking at any other part of your starter kit, finding somewhere to stay whilst studying is a key ingredient to success. Unless you live near or on a university campus then getting to lectures is going to be difficult if you live a 4-hour drive away, so finding somewhere to live near to where you study is pretty important. If you’ve chosen to study abroad, like Brisbane, Australia for example, then it’s even more important as there is no fail-safe to rely on. In this example finding student accommodation in Brisbane that will supply all the necessities a first-year student will need is an important step to take toward success, having somewhere that will find you surrounded by like-minded university students will be a saving grace when you’re feeling stressed. And an added bonus is that amenities such as a gym, a swimming pool, and a games room come included. 


This is the more boring side of your starter kit but it’s probably the most important, ensuring you have all the documents needed to start your university experience is vital to actually being allowed to start. From being let into your student accommodation for the first time, to starting your first course in the lecture hall, you’ll need the appropriate documentation for each and everything you do. When it comes to things like student finance and student loans then being able to gain access to your money is pretty important, make sure everything is in order before you start your course, you don’t want to get to university and find you have no money for the first 3 months. 

Freshers Week 

A legendary week that is known to all university students, freshers week is the first week of your existence at university and usually ends up in a week of parties. Being prepared for this, and when I say prepared I mean you understand that you’ll party for a week, is pretty important. University is known to be a fun time for everyone involved and means you’ll probably find yourselves partying every weekend, or Monday, or Wednesday, or whenever you fancy. Don’t go too crazy in the first week, have fun and party till your heart’s content, but remember you have at least 3 years of having fun so don’t ruin it out the blocks. 

What to Pack 

This is dependent on where you are going to University, if it’s in the UK then you’ll probably have to pack a lot more than if you were to go to university abroad. Most of the time student accommodation for international students supplies many of the things we would usually take like kitchen and bedroom supplies, but the rest will still stay the same. Make sure you have everything required for your course, that’s books and course materials, and take your laptop! Your laptop in this situation will be your best friend, being able to do university work anywhere you go will be a lifesaver and can save time. You may find yourself at a local coffee shop during the day and decide to finish off the assignment you’ve been given, making more time for having fun in the evening. If you don’t have a laptop then I would thoroughly advise on getting one, they aren’t all hugely expensive these days making it affordable for everyone. 

After the essentials, all you have left to pack is yourself and your clothes. University is a place where you can be yourself and not have to worry about what your parents are going to say when you walk down the stairs, express yourself and wear what you want. If you’ve chosen to study abroad in a hot country, don’t forget your swimming trunks! 

Choosing to study abroad could be the best decision of your life and being prepared for it will help massively, don’t panic if you don’t remember absolutely everything as most situations are fixable but remember the essentials, to begin with, and everything else will fall into place. Don’t go too crazy in your first week as there’s plenty of time to party, have fun at University and you’ll open up many doors to the future. 


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