Tips To Make Your Post-Lockdown Party Go With A Bang

I’m sure many of us are looking forward to reuniting with our loved ones at the end of Lockdown.  I’m certainly looking forward to hosting a few get-togethers for friends and family but organising a huge party can often be a daunting experience – one you’d rather avoid!

You don’t want your guests leaving the place feeling bored and unfulfilled when the party is over – your reputation as a fabulous host is at stake so here’s an informative guide with helpful tips for making your soiree go with a swing and your barbecue with a bang.

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Choose an Appropriate Date and Time  For Your Event

Picking a perfect date can be an uphill task. So to avoid messing up, consider your guests. According to most event planners, you should begin figuring out about the event 2 to 3 months before its scheduled date. Because, to find an appropriate venue, you’ll need to take your time and possibly a budget too. And you don’t also want to stand in the way of the plans your guests may have. So the earlier you plan, the better.

The Venue Matters

Be unique. Rather than booking a regular haunt, why not consider renting a party house? There are plenty in the heart of the UK where you’ll find awesome venues for an unforgettable time – away from all the urban hustle and bustle. Move away from the busy, noisy city centre and you can find a party house less than an hour’s drive from London. You’ll get to enjoy all nature has to offer and plenty of beautiful countryside on your way. You can indulge in your favourite sport or hobby, for example hiking, cycling or rock climbing or just play tourist and visit the local villages and tourist attractions. If all you want to do is party, then the choice is up to you.

Renting a house through Party House comes with one more advantage, that’s too good to be true. Once your guests feel exhausted, their comfortable beds are a few steps away, where they can enjoy some peaceful rest.

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Choose your guest list wisely

The guest list is down to you as host so make sure you invite people who will add a spark to a fun-filled party. Whether it’s family or friend, ask yourself this question – will they spoil the fun? If your friends go about bothering everyone once they get drunk, there’s no need for an invite.

Explore several resources likely to be helpful with the invitations. Software like Canva or Fotor will help. Upload your best image, write in a detailed invitation text, and proceed to send it through email to their proposed guests.

Another useful idea is to create a Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger group. Add your guests to the group. Together you can agree what people should bring or even decide on which activities you’ll engage in. Go have fun!

Tempting food and drink

Apart from an amazing venue, if you want to have an unforgettable party, ensure you have plenty of delicious eats and drinks. Here you’ve two options – to provide the food yourself or hire a caterer. If you think you are good, there’s no problem with organizing a potluck. Let everyone come with a dish and enjoy it together. Is the warm season approaching? Having a barbecue is something you’ll all enjoy. Remember to supply enough beer, wine, and soft drinks. Let everyone pick what suits them. For extra pizazz, have drinks that match your party theme, if you have one, that is.

Put together a banging playlist

What’s a party without music? We all know how important it is for a great party atmosphere. Use Spotify, SoundCloud, or Deezer to select a few playlists that will have your guests feeling charged up. Be creative. Don’t just go for the latest releases. Instead, think about songs that bring to life the moments and the funny experiences you had with your guests. Everyone will be singing out loud and passionately once the emotions set in.

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Party Games – A Good Idea

Games are fun and a great ice-breaker. Choose something like Charades or try Read and Act.   For this one, everyone writes down funny experiences on a slip of paper.  The papers are all put in a bag and everyone takes one and acts it out. Some may be a bit embarrassing, though it’s never something serious.

Another game you can play (probably one of my favourites) is to put people in pairs and quiz them to find out how well they know one another (think “Mr & Mrs”). Try to ask weird questions and watch everyone in the room burst into laughter.

Or, how about the artist game? Let the most courageous person pose and the rest can draw him/her in 2 minutes. Apart from epic artists, everyone else will draw funny pictures that will leave everyone in stitches.

Stock up on plenty of fun toys for party games like novelty light up swords for parties or this giant twister for example and make sure you’ve got something to keep the kids entertained if it’s a family party.

Create lasting memories with photography

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you have a memory of all the fun you had.  Everyone enjoys browsing through the pictures from the party the following morning or recapturing the special moments by looking back over photos with your friends. It’s a great way to create lasting friendships – as long as you don’t plaster embarrassing photos of them all over Facebook! Finally, if you are a social media fanatic, use appropriate hashtags, and remember to tag your location to reach out to all your audience.



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