You Should Plan These Things Before Moving

Having to relocate to a new home comes with a lot of chaos and excitement, and you could easily get lost in the numerous activities that are required of you. Let’s look at a few critical steps that you should consider before moving to that new home.

Research on Removal Company Rates

Having decided on the possibility of relocating to a new area, you need to consider whether you will transport your household items by yourself or whether you will hire services from a removal company in London, or in your locality. You need to analyze the value of things that you possess and find out whether it will be economical to hire professional movers. To find the best removalist, you will have to compare prices set by different companies and consider whether they are either local or long distance movers. You can always review online company details in terms of costs and the services offered to get the best deal in the market. 

Redirect Your Mail

Before you relocate, you must inform all relevant people that you plan to change your home address since failure to do so will result in the wrong delivery of your mail. For instance, failure to redirect the mail might result in you missing a few copies of your favourite magazine, and you might be forced to rely on your new homeowner or the new neighbours and request a copy. To avoid missing out on all the necessary mail that includes bills, bank cards and to reduce the chances of your personal information being stolen, ensure that redirect your mail.

Notify Your Utility Companies

Sorting out all relevant issues that include conveyancers and estate agents could be expensive, therefore, to eliminate the unnecessary expenditure, ensure that you inform all the service and energy providers at least two days before you leave. The earlier you notify your service providers, the better. In case your bill cycle fails to align with your moving day, then get in touch with your TV, internet, electricity, or gas providers such that you will be exempted from paying extra utilities. Besides, ensure that you note down all meter readings before leaving that old home to eliminate the chances of having to pay for someone else utilities. Given that you will have a different supplier, also note down the meter reading before setting foot in the new home.

Label Your Removal Boxes

The worst feeling would be getting to arrive at your destination then you realize that some material that you require is in a different box. When moving to your new apartment, you will have done a lot of heavy lifting, intense packing, and had a rough drive, and the last thing you would expect after the rough day would be to storm through the containers when looking for misplaced items. After the rough day, your priority would be to collapse on the bed and have a long nap, therefore, place all essentials in a tagged bag such that they will be accessible when you need them.

Have a Checklist

It is always advisable to have a list of all the necessary arrangements. Having such a plan will ensure that you are on track and that everything flows logically. In that list, note down the reminders for the specific day you plan on packing, the day to clean up the house and the strategies to employ when notifying friends and family on your decision to move. The checklist essential, especially during that hectic period that leads to your relocation day. Consider including extra items to the list after relocating such as changing the locks, cleaning the new home, and remember to order a take out meal or have a meal at a restaurant to celebrate your achievement.

If you Have Kids, Prepare Them

For people with families, you might want to make the relocation process friendly for the kids. In case your kids sad about the move, they throw tantrums or are afraid of trying a new environment, you will probably be stressed. It would be advisable to prepare them in advance to avoid such ugly scenes, and you can do this by holding an open discussion and encourage them to air their opinion on matters concerning the relocation area or the means to relocate. Besides, you would want to identify new schools in that area and ensure that they have the necessary amenities that will facilitate the settling process for your kids. Having settled for a perfect school and given that you consulted your kids every step of the way, arrange a visit to the neighbourhood to remove all uncertainties that your kids might have shown that they will relocate to a new area. 

Having followed the above steps, you can relax and rest assured that your relocation to the new home will be seamless. It is easy to forget some of these tasks, but now that you have them at hand, the sky is your limit.


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