3 Tips To Turn Your Garden From Wasteland To Paradise

The temperature’s rising, the pollen count is itching your eyes, and there’s a cool bottle of rose in your fridge just begging to be opened and enjoyed in the heat of the afternoon sun.

But there’s one problem – your garden is an overgrown infestation of weeds, long grass and litter.

Photo by Timothy L Brock on Unsplash

It’s the kind of garden that would make a landscaper weep with despair. The closest you have to a water feature is a puddle that’s formed by your dilapidated shed, and the nettles which have grown around your fence look more dangerous than barbed wire.

There’s nothing for it, you’re going to have to renovate – and thankfully we’re on hand to help you.

Ditch the long grass

Mowing your garden might seem like a royal pain in the posterior, but it’s a necessary part of garden maintenance. Without a high-quality lawnmower, your garden will forever have the appearance of a creepy forest.

One of the finest brands in the world is Flymo. They provide all manner of lawnmowers, from hand-activated hover lawnmowers to hi-tech robotic mowers that will mow the garden for you. They’re head and shoulders above all other lawnmower companies.

Once you’ve done that, why not treat your lawn to some quality lawn feed to provide the nutrients, your grass needs for optimal health.


Now that you’ve cleared away some of your long grass, it’s time to plant a few flowers to make your quaint little garden brim with charm.

You won’t be able to plant any seeds you find on the internet however you like. Instead, you’ll have to choose the right flowers for the season and care for them as they grow. Within a few months, you’ll have a garden that’ll feel like it’s in glorious Technicolour.

If you’re planning on creating an elaborate patch of flowers, you’ll need to cordon off your flower beds from the rest of the garden with a few pieces of wire and some fence posts. Ormiston Wire is your best port of call, offering a wide variety of high-quality wiring that’s ideal for anyone with green fingers.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

A place to relax

Maybe you’re happy with little more than a deckchair in your garden, but there are some folks out there who look at their tiny stretch of land and want to lounge amidst it in absolute luxury.

We’re talking full garden settees, wicker dining tables, ultra-comfy bean bags and even giant umbrellas to shade your sensitive skin from the blistering sun.

This is the path towards sheikh-like decadence in your garden, and it’s amply provided for by Shackleton’s Home & Garden.

Shackleton’s is a lifestyle brand that’s been providing its customers with garden furniture for many years, and as such it’s gained an impressive reputation.

Its wide array of furniture is designed to weather any season (a blessing in Britain’s variable climate) and comes with built-in comfort. Might be time to ditch those deckchairs, eh?

That’s my list! Have you got an amazing garden, or is it in need of a spruce-up? Let me know in the comments below!



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