5 Cheap Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Sooner or later every room in your home will need a bit of TLC and repair and that includes your kitchen. As the years roll by, you will probably notice that your once stylish and glamorous kitchen has changed. The cabinet doors will probably be hanging off, the paint will be peeling, and the appliances you rely on to keep your family organised and on track will need a new makeover or replacing. If this is the current situation of your kitchen right now, don’t worry. In this post, I’ll be highlighting 5 of the cheapest practical methods that you can try to freshen up the kitchen on a budget.

1.    Change the lighting

If your house is over a decade old, the chances are high that the lighting systems are old. And when the lighting is poor, your kitchen will always look dark and unappealing. You can enhance the kitchen lighting in many ways, but the best one is to let more natural light in. Remove any obstacles preventing the sun from shining in, and invest in the transparent blinds and curtains.

Here are other effective ways to upgrade your kitchen lighting. If possible, involve a lighting specialist to recommend the best option for your kitchen.

  • Add new light bars under the kitchen cabinets.
  • Invest in new decorative cabinet lights
  • Add more pendant lights.
  • Add stylish kitchen chandeliers.
  • Buy kitchen lighting candles 

2.    Upgrade storage and cabinets

Just like your lighting, adding new cabinets, and storage units can make your kitchen livelier. Choose new cabinets to organize your kitchen appliances and tools and ones which contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen space.

The cost of renovating your cabinets depends on several factors such as the size of your kitchen, your budget, and the type of kitchen storage you need. You can find out more about the average costs of remodelling your kitchen before you start the process for better estimations. Your kitchen remodelling expert can also help you make the right estimates depending on the changes that you want to make. You can either modify the existing storage units or add entirely new cabinets.

Here are great ideas for upgrading your kitchen cabinets:

  • Spruce up the cabinet doors – add better-looking features to the doors to make them newer
  • Remove outdated hardware – avoid storing old appliances in your kitchen cabinets.
  • Change the material of the cabinets – cabinets come in many forms. If they are wooden, change them to glass, or any other available material.
  • Paint the cabinets – painting is a relatively cheap method if you don’t want to change them.

Don’t forget that changing your kitchen doors can be done on a budget and really makes a difference to the overall look of the space. You can also give your windows a new lease of life and save money on your utility bills by installing kitchen shutters – great for privacy from nosy neighbours too!

3.    Freshen up the sinks and the kitchen tops

A kitchen worktop is the focal point of the kitchen and it is the area people first see when they get into your kitchen. Besides, it has many functional purposes for holding your appliances and kitchen equipment. Similarly, an old sink will most probably be inefficient and might have constant blockages. Unlike the other kitchen areas, kitchen sinks and worksurfaces are quite critical, and you might need the help of a plumber for inspection before you upgrade. The best countertop should be durable, and easy to maintain.

Here are the popular kitchen countertops which you may try in your kitchen:

  • Granite countertops
  • Laminate countertops
  • Recycled glass
  • Marble countertops
  • Tiled surfaces
  • Reclaimed wood

4.    Paint the walls

As earlier mentioned, painting is a practical is to upgrade your kitchen. Old paint makes the kitchen look dated and unattractive. Painting is not an overwhelming task, but you should find the right types of colours. The paints should not be too dull, and they should match with the other aspects of your kitchen or house. If you have an open plan design, you can paint the entire living room for uniformity. Follow these tips to make your painting successful:

  • Choose the right paints and finishes
  • Work with a professional painter
  • Decorate the walls well after painting – you can decorate the walls with new mirrors, artworks, framed album covers, and much more. 

5.    Clean up

Cleaning is a vital exercise for every modern kitchen. If you make the other upgrades and keep the kitchen dirty, your kitchen will still look old and unappealing. Here are quick tips on how you can keep your kitchen clean, for both hygienic and aesthetic purposes.

  • Clean all the kitchen countertops and sink after use
  • Keep leftover foods in your fridge or freezer or recycle any scraps in a compost heap
  • Empty your rubbish bin regularly
  • Wash the dirty dishes and kitchen napkins after every use
  • Invest in good cleaning cloths
  • Keep the kitchen floor clean and dry
  • Get a kitchen air freshener. You can either prepare your own or buy the artificial ones

As you can see, there are many useful tricks for remodelling your kitchen and enhancing cleanliness. Most of these methods are easy and can be done without spending a fortune. So, if you do not like the current appearance of your kitchen, why not try some of these ideas to make it fresh and appealing again.


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