7 Innovative Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Sometimes, kids are difficult to shop for. You don’t always know their interests, and you don’t want to get them something they already have. Here are some suggestions for gifts that will be unique for anyone receiving them.

Inflatable fort

Forts are a perfect outlet for imagination and creativity. You can build them out of anything and you have full control of how you lay things out, and your imagination can take the small space you’ve created and made it feel much bigger than it is. These forts are made of a variety of things, whether it’s out of wood or in a tree in your backyard, or simply in your living room made of couch cushions or chairs and blankets. Sometimes it is a problem if the fort requires too much work, or constantly creating mess and clutter in your small living areas. An inflatable fort can solve all that, that only requires a fan to blow up the fort to full size, and requiring little effort in terms of setting up and even tearing down.

Gaming Accessories

With gaming being such a popular hobby, there is always room to grow with new systems, better upgrades, new accessories to add to your collection. If you are yourself a gamer or have a gamer in your family, there are tons of gift options to give the avid player. A great stocking stuffer or a small gift is a gaming mouse pad, which serves the purpose of keeping your gaming experience comfortable while having a little fun with them.

This article highlights the ways that you can customize your mousepads to your exact liking. You can change the size that fits your needs, and even add personal and customized images to the background to let that person know you didn’t just get it off some electronics shelf. The right accessories can provide even the slightest edge, and that might just make the difference between victory and defeat.

STEM learning games

When it comes to innovation, you don’t need to look far to find it. With games as popular as they are, they are also great areas of innovation for kids to both have fun and learn at the same time. There are plenty of different games for different age groups and learning levels, that teach a range of different skills and categories that translate to STEM-related subjects such as robotics and coding.

Game Development Tools

Similar to physical games and kits, if your child is really into all things video games, one innovative and creative gift to give is a kit for creating your games. These are obviously for older kids, but their knowledge of programming or coding doesn’t have to be so high. There are many kits with premade assets that you do not need to worry about the code behind them. Some games have in-game features for editor modes, which are perfect for not just entertaining but inspiring further creativity.

Lego or Block Sets

Although not innovative in terms of being a new idea, toy, or gift, Lego is a toy that inspires a ton of creativity and will allow kids to create anything they can think of. This, along with any other builder type toys that allow a bunch of freedom will be great for inspiring your kids. And with the popularity of the video game Minecraft, why not spend some time off the screen with a box of Lego.

Stair slide

For younger kids that have a lot of energy to expend, you want to make sure they aren’t stuck always playing with games in front of a screen. It is good from time to time to get them outdoors and active. With how the times have changed and plenty of people stuck in their homes, it is sometimes difficult to find ways to have fun in your house. If you have multiple levels in your home and have a set of stairs that run straight down, someone has developed a slide that is easy to unfold and set up, while also just as easy to put away. If you want to turn your home into a bit of a playground, take a look into stair slides and bring the park into your home.

Portable Speakers

Your older kids may not always want toys or games to play with, and that’s understandable. There are a plethora of speakers available that vary in terms of quality and speakers. If your kids have a huge interest in music, a set of quality speakers will be great for any occasion. There are many features like waterproof and portability, as well as being able to charge other devices, which make speakers perfect companions for outdoor activities such as hiking, pool parties, or sports events.

Gift giving is a personal experience. It is important to know what your recipient wants or what you want them to get out of it. Using that knowledge and a bit of creativity, you will be able to give a memorable gift to anyone.


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