Living Aids to Make Life in Lockdown Easier

For many, their experience of lockdown this year (which feels like it’s been going on for eternity) has brought into sharp focus how indoor tasks and activities in the home can gradually become more difficult as we get older – almost without us noticing. It’s bad enough coping with the isolation of living alone as it is, without struggling to achieve the simplest domestic tasks.

Daily Living Aids are a range of products that have been designed to help around the home or garden for exactly these kinds of tasks.

Help can be required for many reasons, sometimes it’s as we’re getting older and our grip, balance and general coordination are not what they were, or sometimes it’s due to a disability, or recovering from a recent injury can be the cause.

The good news is, that there are literally thousands of these aids on the market that can help you make life in and around the home and garden easier.

Given that you’ve probably been spending many more hours within your four walls, you may have a little list of things that are becoming a niggle for you where a little help is needed.

Alternatively, you may have elderly or disabled relatives, where you are aware that they struggle with certain activities and tasks around their home and you’d like to investigate possible solutions on their behalf.

A good example of a useful product is the ever-popular Folding 2-Step Stool this stool helps with reaching for higher areas in the home, or even outdoors or in the garage, both easier and safer.

The 2-Step Stool has been designed to reduce the effort needed when stepping into a car, bath or doorway. For highest levels of safety, the 2-Step Stool has non-slip grips and both steps have a large platform.

This help to maximise user stability. It has a patented design, with an integral carry handle.

It makes this versatile Step Stool highly portable whilst its compact folded size makes it exceptionally easy to store.

Sometimes, and again you’ll probably notice this much more while we’ve been stuck in lockdown, there are areas in your home where you feel like a balance aid would really help give you security and confidence.

This may be in your bathroom, or in areas like utility rooms or even for outdoor areas where you’re having to change levels or bending down to reach items.

The Chrome Suction Grab Rail is such a useful addition to your home, as it is not only fully portable, so can be moved around depending on where needed, but it is also a very secure rail when in place, easily accommodating your weight and aiding balance and coordination.

The Chrome Grab Rail is easy to install without the need for any tools, it also comes with indicators, so you know when it is attached securely.

When placed on a flat, smooth surface and fixed with the two pressure levers, the suction cups create a strong vacuum to keep the grab rail firmly in place.

When not required, the rail can easily be removed by lifting the pressure levers, which is a quick and easy process.

If lockdown has led you to do more reading than usual, you may have been noticing that you’re sometimes struggling to read the newsprint on your newspaper, books or magazines.

This, in turn, can result in headaches and eye strain as you try to read the text but have difficulty keeping focus.

This may also apply to recipe books and labels on products in the kitchen if you’ve been doing lockdown cooking or baking, then you’ll know that sometimes the labels can be very hard to read.

The Reading Sheet Magnifier is lightweight and features a ‘soft-touch’ frame to allow for easy positioning and comfort. Very easy to use, you simply place the Reading Sheet Magnifier over the small text you’re trying to read e.g. small print or maps and the 2x magnification will allow you to read the text without having to move your hand along the text.

When not in use, the magnifier is compact enough so you can easily store away, keeping it handy for next time you need it. A great little aid that the whole family will use to magnify things they need to be able to read.

The above are just a few ideas from our large range of daily living aids, if you’d like to take a look at hundreds more, then take a look at our daily living aids section on our website for loads of ideas and innovative inventions. Adapting the home for elderly care is so important to help our loved ones retain their independence and self-esteem.

Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, wellbeing and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury, recuperation and protection of joints and muscles when exercising or just helping you in normal daily life, you’ll find their website here.


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