Bring The Outdoors In This Summer With A Retractable Roof

I wish I could have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. I wish I could be outdoors and not wonder when will the weather quickly change and get chilly and rainy. I wish my family and I could play outdoors for the whole of the year. Oh, I wish.

There is something special about being outdoors plus, there are great reasons to be outdoors. According to an article on Harvard Health Publishing, spending time outdoors is good for you as it raises your levels of vitamin D, elevates your mood and improves concentration. What’s not to like about being outdoors?

If you live in England, like me, probably the rain, the gusts of wind and sometimes the neighbours. But not all is bad news, what if I told you there was a way of you and your family enjoying the outdoors whilst being indoors? Too good to be true, right?

Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable roofs are the way to go. These modern retractable louvred roof pergolas are a great addition to any garden. They can be used as an extension to your home or as a standalone structure in your garden, patio or terrace.

Retractable roofs are not only functional but also highly aesthetically pleasing. As Luxirare mentions in this article “it comes as no surprise that pergolas were listed as one of the top landscape trends by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.”

And to make it even more special, these innovative pergolas can be equipped with side glass screens, heating and lighting to create the most wonderful outdoors haven that you can use all-year-round!

What to do you think of these retractable roofs?

This article was written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter at London based eCommerce Magento website design agency Ad Lab.


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