How Does Sleep Affect A Child’s Growth?

As parents, we make every effort to our children engaged with loads of activities during the day to use their energy, prevent boredom, and make them happy, but how much attention do we pay to the quality of their sleep? If your child doesn’t have sufficient healthy sleep, they will be subject to sleep deprivation, which may affect their growth and development. Healthy children are those who regularly get sufficient deep sleep and here’s why you should pay attention to the quality of both their sleep at night and their daily naps.

In this article, we will show you how important sleep is, and how it can affect your child’s growth.

The Importance of Sleep

Did you know that your kids grow while they’re asleep? The growth hormone is usually released during sleep, that’s why it’s important to ensure that your child sleeps well during the night, and takes all their naps during the day.

Lack of sleep tends to affect the balance of some hormones in your child’s body and other things like their mood, physical activity, and attention span.

You should always help your kids get a better nights sleep by making them go to bed at the same time to create a biological sleep routine, which will help them stay alert, attentive, and energetic during the day.

Studies show that children who don’t get sufficient sleep at night are subject to high blood pressure, obesity, attention issues, and mood swings.

A Good Night’s Sleep

To guarantee that your offspring are having healthy sleep, you should make sure that the following conditions are met. Your child should have an adequate amount of sleep; 8-10 hours is ideal. Those 8-10 hours should be uninterrupted though so make sure to cut down any noise and dim the lights to ensure your child has the best chance of drifting off to sleep. Also, according to your child’s age, make sure they get day naps which are equally important to their healthy development.

How Sleep Helps Children Grow

Storing Information

Children tend to learn loads of things during the day, that’s why they need to sleep to process all of this new information. Research explains that babies need multiple naps to be able to process what they encounter during the day since everything is new to them. They will surprise you when they wake with the knowledge they attained during sleep. Good quality sleep at night also helps them form long-term memories. If your child is a guru in math and languages, you have good nights’ sleep to thank for it.

Growing Taller

You might wonder how your son’s pyjamas look shorter all of a sudden when they wake up. The answer to your question is that he’s getting taller while asleep. Doctors explain that the limbs grow while children are lying down more than while they’re moving or standing. In the morning, your child might tell you that their legs hurt as a result of their growth. Of course, if the pain continues, you should consult their doctor.

Emotional Bonding

In sleep, children live in a world of their own; no one is allowed in it but them. They tend to have a lot of dreams, which are usually about their family members and friends. Such dreams are likely to make them have better emotional interactions with their families, as doctors say. Also, dreams help kids to obtain knowledge, mental health, and emotional growth.

Heart and Immune System Strengthening

Sleep is proven to protect children from high blood pressure and heart disease. Also, during sleep, your child’s brain releases certain hormones responsible for strengthening the immune system. That’s why when it’s time for your child’s vaccinations, make sure they get enough sleep before and after taking their shot to allow the immune system to be activated so they get well soon.

Anxiety and Depression Fighter

A child who is well-rested is likely to be calm during the day and cause less trouble than a child who’s exhausted from lack of sleep. The latter may show signs of violence, disturbance, and sometimes depression.

If a child doesn’t get enough sleep for two consecutive nights, it can trigger negative emotions and overall tiredness. The best thing to do for your children is to ensure that they get enough undisturbed sleep during the night.

We always want the best for our children but sometimes, however, we forget what their little bodies need. Sleep is as important as food, drinks, and hygiene; it helps them grow and blossom before our eyes. If you were not paying close attention to your children’s sleep, why not start tonight by committing to a sleep routine that will help them to have long hours of healthy sleep. This will give them an energetic and refreshed start the next day.


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  1. Sima Chawda-bell
    29 June, 2020 / 7:03 pm

    I’m so glad my daughters sleep pattern has been good since she was 5 months

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