How to Make Your Living Space Healthier for the Baby 

Having a baby is one of life’s biggest blessings and will bring such joy and happiness into the home. Even the thought of having a miniature version of you around the house is enough to put the biggest of smiles on the grumpiest of faces. Usually, when a couple or a person finds out they are having a baby, it’s a mad rush to get the apartment or the house ready but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are a few things you can do, amongst tidying, to ensure your living space is going to be as healthy as it possibly can for the baby’s arrival. 


In the first few months of your baby being at home, you will find they eat, sleep, fill their nappy, and repeat and that will be routine for a little while. After this initial stage, however, there will be other problems creeping in like getting them to sleep.

Once they are asleep though, you’ll do everything within your power to keep them that way until they naturally wake, not only for their benefit but for your sanity.

The experts at Silent Home Hub emphasize that there are plenty of ways in which you can keep the quiet going into your house.  It just takes a little bit of research and reading some real-world reviews to see what’s best. Health and comfort within your daily lives is a must and is what you deserve. If there are products that will help you and your family by bringing a little calm in the house, then you should be doing it, especially when it comes to the health of your baby. 

Stair Gates 

If you have any form of step, staircase, or areas you don’t want your little one getting into then I would suggest investing in stair gates. They are a simple device that when installed properly are essentially Fort Knox to your kid and many adults. They will stop your child from falling down the stairs or any steps within the house and can stop them from entering into the rooms you don’t want them in. 


Whether you live in an apartment block or a house, any window is going to be a beacon of hope for your child and they will stare out for hours, eventually trying to exit as the outside world sometimes seems a little more interesting than the thousands of dollars worth of toys sitting in the room. There are many contraptions you can get that will prevent your child from getting out, but if you are in a situation where you’re 25 floors up, just keep them locked. 


Kids are known to play with doors and end up slamming them. There is nothing you can do to stop this and it doesn’t matter how many times they hurt themselves, it’s still an attractive toy, so the best thing you can do is mitigate the situation and make sure they don’t hurt themselves. You can buy foam stops that attach to the door frame stopping them from closing completely, saving your child’s fingers. 

Only Have What’s Needed 

Babies are babies, they don’t need toys that are for 3-year-olds just yet. You might be super prepared and have everything ready for the next 5 years of their development, but there is no need for it all to be on display. Only have the toys that are going to be used and things that have functional help. This way your space is going to be much safer for the little one to navigate and you have fewer trip hazards around the place. Not only that but having a clearer house will help ease any stressful feelings by creating a nice liveable area. 

The 2-Foot Rule 

This is a rule that applies to absolutely every parent on the planet, and if you think it won’t affect you then I would love to see your face when you are running around the house moving all your decorative ornaments. Everything is a toy to a child, no matter what it is, whether it’s a priceless Ming vase or a toothbrush, it is going to get picked up, thrown, chewed, and dropped. If you value anything I would keep it above 2 feet on any surface that can’t be reached by your little one. 

There are loads of situations to think about when a child is imminent. The best way you can go about it is to think like a child and go around your house to see what you might play with. Sharp corners have to be dealt with, windows locked, dangerous ornaments out the way, and you need to create a soothing haven for you all to enjoy. If you can do all of this, your baby will be healthy and happy. 


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