How to Make Your Water Safe for Your Family

When it comes to our family, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to ensure that they are kept safe. Whether we are in the home or out and about, it’s always going to be our priority to ensure that our family is OK. When it comes to the food we all eat, many of you will be trying to cook healthy, nutritious meals for everyone in the household because that’s what they need to survive.

But what if the food isn’t the only thing we should be thinking of when it comes to safety? The water we drink is something we should also pay close attention to, as it’s not always the best when it comes out the tap.

If this is something you have never heard of, fear not, let us take a look at how you can make water safer for your family.

Built-In RO Water Filter

Let’s start with something every home is recommended to have – a built-in water filter. The benefits of having one of these are amazing and it’s not just for your health. Whilst tap water can be safe to drink and most of the time won’t cause us any problems, there have been studies that show it can contain up to 140 contaminants that don’t have any enforceable safety limits to them.

This is only bad news when it comes to drinking it directly from the tap. Installing a reverse osmosis filter will not only remove unknown contaminants but will do a great job of removing chlorine and other chemicals we don’t want to be ingesting. Whilst chlorine is a great tool when used in moderation for things like our swimming pools, it’s something we do not want to have in our bodies. It can have drastic effects like changing our pH balance, lowering our blood pressure and can damage our skin. Not only this but it can cause severe burning, vomiting, and awful stomach pain. Why would we want this in the water we let our children drink? Reverse osmosis filters will take every chemical out of the water. It will then reintroduce the lovely stuff that will help out overall health.

UV Water Filter

Whilst the reverse osmosis filter will take out all the nasty chemicals that are contained in water, it doesn’t do the best job of removing any pathogens that might be living in there. According to the centres for disease control and prevention, our drinking water contains giardia, E. coli, some varieties of hepatitis, and even salmonella. This is, obviously, not what we want to be ingesting, so installing a UV filter that will attack microorganisms is key to a healthy glass.

The way they work is at the point of entry, which means you can install them! They purify all the water entering your home so every tap will have clean and safe water. It’s obviously best if you use them in conjunction with another type of water filter, like the RO system, and have gained approval from the F.D.A. That’s how you really know it’s safe.

Portable Filters

You might not always be at home when you fancy a glass of water and if you’re someone that is heavily into making sure you only drink the purest water then this can be quite difficult. What happens when you get caught away from home where you’ve installed a RO system, a UV system, and a water softener? You could always buy a bottle of water, but even then you can guarantee what you’re getting so the best thing to do is buy a portable filter. You can even buy water bottles with filters directly in the lid so when you’re drinking you have access to freshly filtered, clean, and safe water. I would suggest getting these for your kids anyway, as they look cool and it encourages them to drink more throughout the day.

Test Your Water

If you’re wondering or not whether to invest or purchase one of these filters then it’s best to give your water a quick test before investing heavily into something you don’t need. The majority of homes will need some sort of filter but you might find there is no need for a softener or a faucet filter. There are many home kits available for your every need but if you feel you’d prefer a professional to come in and check everything then there are plenty of services that will come to your house and perform a thorough check.

Water is important, there is no getting around it. So why do we replace it with such sugary substitutes? Flavour is the answer. But have you ever had properly filtered water? It tastes amazing, much better than what comes out the tap! If you are at all worried about anything raised in this article then do your research and install a filter in your home, they’re relatively inexpensive considering the product and service you receive.


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