Living Life as a Parent With an Emotional Support Animal

Being a parent with an ESA, or an Emotional Support Animal can be very time-consuming. Worrying about your children and your pet can be very tiresome, but at the same time, very rewarding. Your children can bond with your emotional support animal, and vice versa, which can create a harmonious environment for everybody involved. However, an emotional support animal is there strictly for your therapy so you should make sure that members of your family know there is a line between what is acceptable and what is not.

An emotional support animal should never get to the point where it is considerably stressed out, as that will then stress you out, being that you rely on the animal for your own mental well being. 

Here are a few ways to ensure living with your ESA, and your family goes smoothly.

Choose Your ESA Carefully

When you intend on bringing your emotional support animal into your family’s home, you must make sure that the animal is compatible with your family.

Finding an Emotional Support Animal should not be laborious, and you should find an animal that perfectly matches your own needs and dispels any potential anxiety or issues you may have.

The professionals of Therapetic specialize in Emotional Support Animals, and it is important that you find a specialist to assist you in finding the right one for you.

You should pick your animal carefully, and always remember that the animal will be living with you, sleeping with you, and sometimes even sharing a bed with you. For these reasons it is important that you pick an animal you will take to and have an interest in; preferably, one your children have a shared interest in.

You should make sure that your chosen animal is well trained, or you train it yourself, as an animal running wild will surely only predicate further stress and will not allow you to unwind or relax. You should also make sure that you choose an agency that is reliable and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, many animals are mistreated which leads to behavioural problems as they grow. For this reason, you should make sure that you find your animal from a respectable agency that has nurtured and treated your chosen pet with love and affection so that it does not exhibit problems, or make you regret taking it into your family later down the line. Cruelty to animals affects not just the animal but its interactions with the people and other animals it comes into contact with.

Make Sure Your Family Will Accept It

Unfortunately, some people do not naturally take to animals, and for them, having one in the home can be a real problem. Whether its allergies or some other reason, no matter what the reason you are getting the animal, you should try your best to get your family will take accept it and take steps to make its inclusion in your family go as smoothly as possible. Having an unwanted animal is not only cruel to the animal, but stressful for your family, and you.

An ESA should be your treasured pet, so if your family don’t particularly like it, do your best to create a separate space for your pet to eat and sleep. Of course, you can’t restrict your ESA to one room – that would be cruel and certainly not something you’d want to do when the animal is there to provide therapeutic support for you. Cherish the animal and love it, for in times of hardship it will be your solace and your best friend. Animals are often a great stress relief and a brilliant way to alleviate depression and anxiety.

Close the Doors and Give Your Animal Quiet Time

When you are dealing with an emotional support animal, it is there solely for you to alleviate your symptoms of mental health or stress, and as thus, it is important that you have alone time with your animal every day.

Having alone time with your pet solidifies your bond, and whether you just stroke it and spend time with it sitting on your lap, or you take it out for walks, you should always spend time to affirm that it is your pet and nobody else’s and to take advantage of its benefits.

Petting animals has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress, which is why emotional support animals exist. You should always treat your pets fairly and if you just can’t bond with it, then it may need to be rehomed. Always treat your animal as you would another person, with love and respect.



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