Types Of PPE And When To Use Them

With coronavirus still in the news daily, I am sure you have heard about personal protective equipment (PPE) over and over again. You know it’s important for protection and safety, but what is it exactly and when to use it?

As this article on Health mentions, PPE “stands for personal protective equipment, and it’s one crucial way to both stop the spread of COVID-19.” This type of equipment works as a barrier between a person’s skin, mouth, nose or eyes and viral and bacterial infections.

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PPE equipment can include face protection, body protection, hand protection and foot protection equipment.

Face Protection

Items such as face masks, safety goggles and face shields will protect the wearer by catching airborne bacteria, dust and virus particles from entering their mouth and nose. Face masks and face coverings are recommended to be used in closed spaces and public transport.

Body Protection

From disposable aprons which can be used for a variety of applications, such as kitchen work and hairdressers, to full-body protective coveralls that are designed for healthcare workers.

Hand Protection

Safety work gloves, such as disposable gloves or chemical resistant gloves from Unigloves, are used in the workplace to protect the wearer’s hands from scratches, lacerations, blisters, contact with dirt and more. The type of glove you need will depend on factors such as where and how often you use them, the types of material you come into contact with and how comfortable they are to wear.  Typical working temperatures will also need to be taken into account.

Foot Protection

Footwear that protects the wearer from the hazards of the workplace. This includes waterproof shoes, winter boots and disposable shoe covers.

Personal protective equipment is essential for both personal and public health. For more information about the government’s guidelines regarding the use of PPE during the coronavirus outbreak, visit https://www.gov.uk.

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