Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas You’ll Love

Organising a wedding is a very busy and stressful time and, by the time it comes to choosing entertainment at the wedding reception, you might find yourself running short of ideas and inspiration. Actually there’s a lot of choices out there – so much so that you might feel a bit overwhelmed.  To make things a little simpler for you, here are some of the most popular wedding entertainment ideas to consider.

Offer street food

Any couple that is searching for unique entertainment ideas can think about offering street food. You can go for this option without having to struggle with deciding what you should be offering to the guests in the evening. You will be able to keep all the guests entertained by providing them with street food enjoy. This can provide all the support that you need to transform your wedding into a festive styled wedding.

Some of the food options that are available for you to consider include pizzas and burgers. However, you are not limited to these options. You will also have lots of cool food trucks available out there to select from as well. You just need to hire the best food truck that matches with the theme of your wedding and the preferences of your guests.

Have a giant Jenga

If you will have plenty of outdoor space at your wedding venue, and you think the weather will hold (!) why not hire a giant Jenga for your guests to play.  It’s a great ice-breaker sure to appeal to the more competitive of your guests – and the kids! There are plenty of other outdoor game kits to choose from too – like Chess or Boules.

Hire a caricature artist

If you want your guests to leave with a personalised memento of your special day, why not hire a caricature artist.  Just make sure you hire a good artist who can produce flattering pictures of your guests and you’ll hopefully see them queueing to be captured in ink.

Have a fireworks display

Ending your reception with a show-stopping firework display is another great idea – just make sure that you hire a company that adheres to all necessary health and safety regulations and you have checked with the council that you have permission to let fireworks off.

Get a magician

Many people love magicians and finding a great one who will perform sleight of hand and spend some time with your guests at their table is often hugely popular. This will provide some no-fuss reception entertainment whilst still allowing the rest of your guests to talk and mingle as they wish. You’re sure to find a magician in your local area. Visit to organize one for you.

Provide some wedding table games

There are numerous options available to consider when getting wedding table games. Make sure you pick ones that will resonate with your audience. You can also think about purchasing a pack of icebreakers to be used as wedding table games.

Get an ice cream stall

Everyone loves ice cream so why not hire an ice cream stall for your guests? An ice cream stall is a great addition to a retro themed wedding. The ice cream stall will keep on serving creamy and delicious scoops of ice cream to the guests. In addition to ice cream, you can serve your guests with hot dogs, popcorn and candy floss as well.


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