3 Reasons Raising Teens and Tweens Is Challenging

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is moving through the different phases of your children’s lives. 

They start out so little, and if you’re new to the parenting thing, it can be quite intimidating, but we figure it out phase by phase. However, there is something incredibly unique about the teen phase. Everything changes and your sweet child has morphed into some sort of bipolar person who just happens to be under the same roof. 

As parents, most of us think back to ourselves at that time and cut them some slack because we know they’re just trying to figure themselves out. 

Tweens can be challenging because they are just starting their journey through puberty, but teens more towards the end of the spectrum—around 17 and 18—are more challenging sometimes because they think they are an adult all of a sudden. 

Most times, they have to learn certain lessons on their own because they don’t think mom and dad know what they’re talking about! 

So, let’s check out 3 reasons parenting teens can be challenging, but most importantly, how you can survive it!

They Have To Keep Up With The Trends

We were all teenagers once so we know how important it is to “be on-trend.”

If you have a teen, you’ve probably heard all about how your kid has to do something, or have something to avoid “social suicide” because being a teen is all about appearances. Who has the latest kicks? Who has the best hair? Overall, who is the most popular, right? It was the same when we were kids, and sadly, it hasn’t changed.

It doesn’t help that the price tags of these favoured items seem to keep increasing, but most of us try to get our kids the things they want. It’s okay to provide them with these things, just make sure it’s within your budget. If not, they’ll have to understand and make do with what they have or an alternative item. 

Their Hormones Are All Over The Place

We all know about those raging teen hormones that cause slammed doors and random outbursts of tears over the most minuscule things. Look at these times as those prized parenting moments you’ve been rewarded with because it’s only a part of life. When you see your teen is having a meltdown, offer them so alone time to calm down and reflect. 

Some Kids Are Bullies

Perhaps, one of the hardest things that parents and kids have to deal with is bullying. For our children, it’s hard for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, most of us have encountered some kind of bully in our lifetime, from childhood and even on up into our adult lives. It’s hard for parents because we want to be there to protect our children, but we know that we have to let them stand up for themselves. 

Plus, we’d probably only make it worse going up to a school and taking that bully on ourselves! Make sure you express to your child that you’re there for them and to communicate if things are getting out of hand. You might have to step in, but there are ways to do it without causing more problems for your teen. 

Feeling Anxious?

If you’re dealing with frequent stress and anxiety related to parenting, we recommend the use of CBD oil. It’s known for its beneficial properties and calming effects. Although it comes in a variety of mediums, CBD now comes in gummy form for easier ingestion.


Teens are tough.

There’s no question about that. But knowing how to handle them through one of the most delicate periods of their life is critical for giving them the strength they need to make it through adulthood on their own.

Give them a long leash, and make yourself open to talking to them—no matter what they say—you’re going to do fine.


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  1. Dan Rowley
    19 April, 2021 / 10:58 am

    Thanks for your well written and interesting article which nI will share with my foster carers who will find it very useful!

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