Fit For The Future – 3 Post-Pandemic Workouts

If you’ve largely spent lockdown inhaling pizzas, crisps and chocolate biscuits to the extent that you’re not too sure you can squeeze out of your front door, don’t panic, because, with restrictions easing, more facilities are reopening every day that can help you get back to your svelte self.

And although we’re all praying this is the last pandemic ever, with evidence that keeping your weight under control might improve outcomes for those afflicted by Covid-19, there’s more motivation than ever to get fighting fit.

But if you’ve never trained before, or at least for a while, it’s tough knowing what type of exercise will suit you.

So I’ve saved you some head-scratching by collating three post-pandemic workouts for you to compare – all of which will keep you fit for the future!

Martial Arts

Perhaps watching a rerun of The Karate Kid during lockdown got you wondering whether the mixture of philosophical and physical training inherent in martial arts might be right for you, or maybe you’re simply perplexed about how old its star Ralph Macchio actually was when it was filmed?

If it’s the latter, he was 22, despite playing a high school student. If it’s the former, then you’ll be glad to know that across the country, dojos like Chockdee Martial Arts Academy in York will soon be back open and welcoming students of all ages and stages to their Thai Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu classes. Look out for a similar establishment in your local area and you’ll soon be frighteningly fit and able to handle yourself – an awesome double whammy!


If you’re not too fussy about learning a certain sport or activity, joining a gym is a great way of maintaining your general fitness and controlling your weight – provided you don’t spend your entire session strolling around listening to music and munching your way through protein bars from the vending machines!

Plus, another great benefit of joining a national gym like PureGym is that membership also includes a range of amazing free classes, so you can enjoy a more structured and disciplined weights or HIIT workout alongside other members and under the watchful eyes of instructors. The other advantage of many of these types of gym chains is that they’re often open 24/7, meaning you can fit your exercise regime around your lifestyle.


Yoga might be sniffed at by muscle-bound gym freaks, but this ancient practice has been around for thousands of years and might be better at keeping your mind and body in great shape than just about anything else.

Yoga enthusiasts enjoy great flexibility and energy, improved strength and muscle tone and dramatically reduced levels of tension and stress, so what’s not to love? Furthermore, you can be confident that as dedicated yoga centres like Embody Wellness in South London open back up to the public, social distancing measures mean you can train as safely as possible.

Pick whichever of these post-pandemic workout best meets your needs and you’ll soon be fit for the future.


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