How to Live a More Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

The health of the planet has become something many people think of on a day-to-day basis. We’ve come through the industrial revolution and are now trying to make things better for the future. There are plenty of ways in which we can make our lifestyles more fitting for an environmentally friendly world, many of which will be a surprise. Here are a few different tips and tricks on how you can live a more environmentally friendly life. 

Eat Less Meat 

Firstly, let’s start by saying this isn’t a direct instruction for people to drop all meat from their diets and become vegan. Instead, it’s saying just reduce the intake and the world will be much happier. In fact, if everyone halved their meat intake it would do more for the environment than if everyone stopped driving. Pretty impressive, huh? 

Over 30% of the world’s surface is being used to farm animals. This might not seem like an issue, but generates 65% of the planet’s human-related nitrous oxide emissions. Cutting back on meat will reduce the overall emissions of global warming potential gases. Try eating veggie 3 times a week, you might feel better for it. 

Try Zero Waste 

Packaging is known to be one of the world’s worst pollutants and we find it washing up all over the place. Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle takes away every chance of adding to the problem. Understanding your options, which are clearer when you browse this website, is the best way to see what you can do to convert to zero waste. Shops are opening up all over the place that offers services to reduce the amount of packaging you use. 

You can make your own detergent, deodorant, cleaning products, clothes, and many more things to help transfer over to the zero-waste lifestyle. Try it for a week first, then try and extend it for a month. You never know, you could find yourself living a full-time zero-waste life. 

Canvas Not Plastic 

Here in the UK we now pay 5p for a plastic bag from a shop. Since the start of the scheme (which began in my home country of Wales), the number of plastic bags has been reduced by 80%.  In fact, some retailers, such as Boots, now only offer brown paper bags.  A huge win for the planet. 

A great alternative to plastic bags is to take your own tote or canvas bag from home. Not only do they last longer, but they also have more support and will make carrying your shopping much easier. 

Start a Compost Pile!

Food waste is another problem we have. Without knowing it, we throw away thousands of pounds of food every year. Maybe we didn’t finish it, or we let it go off in the fridge. Either way, there are better ways of dealing with food waste than just throwing it in the bin. 

Starting a compost pile in the garden is a perfect way to start. All vegetable cuttings, tea bags, and natural waste can go on the pile and after a while, you’ll have brilliant compost you can reinvest into your garden. Compost is pretty expensive from the shop, so you’ll be saving money by creating your own. Let your garden flourish with the help of your kitchen. 

Learn to Recycle 

The majority of packaging is now recyclable. But yet, we still throw everything into the same bin. Learning about the guidelines of how to recycle will help you place everything in the right bin and will, in turn, help the planet out. Instead of using more resources to create even more packaging to end up in landfills, we can use the plastic already out there to do the same job. 

Have You Got the Right Light Bulb?

I’m not saying you have to replace every bulb in the house, but instead, just be a little more mindful the next time you go to change one. There are plenty of eco-friendly brands out there that use much less energy than their rivals. They’re designed to use less energy and last even longer than the alternative. Not only this, but they are also brighter than the standard bulb, so it’s a no brainer. 

It’s important that we look at our lifestyles and adapt it to a more environmentally friendly one. We only have one planet, so we should be doing our best to take care of it and look after it. It’s much easier than you think, even down to the smallest things like turning the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth. If we all make a conscious effort, then the planet will start to heal itself and we will reap the rewards. 


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  1. Marlon Ranweiler
    4 September, 2020 / 12:29 pm

    Plastic seems to have found its way into every single aspect of our lives. However, giving it up isn’t as difficult as you might think – bring a canvas bag with you when you go shopping, buy your fruit and veg loose and stop buying bottled water.

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