How To Save Money On Everyday Activities

No matter how good a saver you are or how many jars of pennies you have lying around the house, there are bound to be some things that you just can’t seem to avoid spending big on. From entertainment to dining out, here are a few ways that you can save some of your hard-earned cash and still get the most value for your money.

Entertainment at home

Entertainment covers such a broad range of activities but for this post let’s stick to things we do at home to stave off the boredom. And as you can imagine, first up is the TV. Now, this is where a lot of people waste quite a bit of money each month so this is a really good chance to save a few quid. Consider switching from a live TV package to a subscription service such as Netflix. They have something crazy like over 5000 tv shows and films on there so you’ll certainly find something to your liking.

If you really can’t live without live broadcasting then think about trying NOW TV. They have tons of packages and you have no need to sign up for long contracts. So if the Olympics or World Cup is on, you could just get a pass for the month and save yourself so much money over the course of the year.

If gaming is more your thing then there are plenty of offers out there too. So let’s say you’re into bingo or online casinos, there are tons of casinos offering free spins for new customers. Even online battle games such as Fortnite are free to play so long as you avoid the in-game purchases.

Grocery Shopping

One word – coupons. Yes, you read that right. Of course, we’re not just talking about one or two coupons that you find in your local newspaper. If you want to save big, you need to take your coupon efforts to the max.

If you keep your eyes open and always collect every coupon you come across, it’s possible to save £10s or even £100s on your monthly shopping bills. Save £20 a week and put it away and you’ll have over £1000 at the end of the year.

So where can you get these coupons? Well, believe it or not, some of the biggest manufacturers have coupon websites where you can download or print off coupons that you can then use at any participating supermarket. And most big name supermarkets do take part. Proctor and Gamble (P&G) run one such website where they offer coupons for their own products. You can also find sites by other major companies such as Johnson & Johnson. Google is your friend so get searching!

Day Trips

Ah, the good old day trip. Great fun for everyone involved but not so much for the person footing the bill. Between travel expenses, tickets into parks or museums, and dining out, the day trip can cost as much as a weekend break!

So how do you cut those costs? The easiest way is to head out on cheap day trips to the beach, local forest parks, or even botanical gardens. But if the weather isn’t the best or you just fancy doing something a bit more interesting than sitting in the park, then it’s time to get creative with your scheduling.

There are many museums and national heritage sites that will offer free entry either one day a week or once a month. If you can plan your day trip around that, then you’ll save yourself the costs of entry. Theme parks and wildlife parks are also known to reduce ticket prices on less popular days so give them a call and ask if there are any discounted days planned in the near future.

Food, Glorious Food! There’s nothing quite like a nice homecooked meal, right? But sometimes you just want to have that meal prepared by someone else, even though it costs way more to dine out that it does to eat at home. Worry not, because you deserve that nice restaurant meal and here’s how you can get it cheaper.

Restaurants will often have special deals available during their quieter periods. You might get a two-for-one deal or a free appetizer, all depending on the time of day or day of the week you dine there. So choose your favourite five restaurants in the local area, check their websites and follow their Facebook pages. You never know when a great opportunity for a cheap meal might pop up.

Another tip is to skip certain courses. Don’t order a starter or dessert and you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save on a meal for four people. You can even take it a step further by only drinking tap water. Honestly, you’ll be shocked at the difference in cost.

Use the car less

Okay, this might seem a little too obvious but bear with us. Yes, you need to use the car to get to work, do the shopping, and for school runs but do you really need to drive to the shop that’s only a ten-minute walk away?

Put a notepad and pen in the car and spend a week writing down where you drove and what you needed. At the end of the week you’ll find that there are quite a few quick runs in the car that you really don’t need to do. Cut these needless trips out of your schedule and you’ll save money on fuel.

You can also choose certain days of the week to take public transport, get on your bike, or walk. The added benefit of walking and cycling is, of course, that you’re staying fit and healthy while also saving on fuel costs and lowering your carbon emissions.

So there you have it. Five ways to save money on everyday activities that usually eat away at your budget. Try out a few and let us know which ones worked for you. Now all you need to do is figure out what you’re going to spend all that extra cash on.


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  1. ashleigh allan
    22 July, 2020 / 9:53 pm

    Great post – i am always trying to save money – especially in these times of uncertainty!

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