How to Stroll Your Baby and Jog at the Same Time

Many women report feeling tired and unmotivated after giving birth, and the last thing they want to do is to work out. However, according to the NHS, going back to exercising after having a baby can help you relax and boost your energy levels, enabling you to take better care of your baby.

Furthermore, the sooner you get back to your usual exercise routine pre-baby, the less your chances will be of going through postnatal depression, which many new mums suffer from. If you used to work out at the gym, you might find it challenging to go back to your old ways when your baby is still small. However, this does not mean that you cannot get your workout in; it merely means that you should find alternatives to your gym classes like going on outdoor jogs, for example. 


Read on to find out how you can stroll your baby and jog at the same time.

Find the Right Baby Stroller

Baby strollers come in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, you can find ones that are specifically designed to accommodate parents who have an active lifestyle. Besides asking for recommendations from your friends, you need to do thorough research and seek professional guidance, as it is a matter of preference after all. Visit trusted baby products’ websites that compare the pros and cons of an array of brands. To find the perfect jogging-friendly stroller, you can see more here and have your pick. Some basic features that you will want to keep an eye out for include stability of the stroller so your baby doesn’t bounce up and down as you jog. Also, it would be best if you made sure that the stroller is malleable enough to allow for seamless, one-hand manoeuvring. 

Spend Some Time Practising

Jogging while strolling your baby at the same time is not easy, it needs coordination and strength. It gets even harder when you bring wet weather into the equation as slippery grounds might make it almost impossible to control the stroller. The best thing you can do is to practice jogging while strolling around your house before you go out on the open roads. Take all the time you need until you are confident enough that you can react fast if anything goes wrong while jogging with your baby

Mind your Form

This is incredibly important if you have clearance from your doctor to go jogging in the early days after birth. Your body is probably still sore, and your muscles are weak after the delivery, so any wrong or intense movement can have serious adverse effects. Make sure you consult a physician about how to protect yourself when exercising after giving birth, and learn how you can identify your safe limits.

According to professional postnatal buggy trainers, as they are known in the UK, adjusting the handlebars on your baby stroller for your height will guarantee the right jogging posture without even trying to figure it out on your own. You indeed need to exert effort to reap the benefits of your exercise, but you have to get used to the fact that your body has changed, and you need to get reacquainted before you burden it with any expectations. 

Set a Realistic Jogging Schedule

If you used to be an avid runner pre-baby, you should understand that you will have to tweak your previous schedule to better suit your new lifestyle. Make sure you allow a couple of rest days between each jog and actively look for ways to help you relax and restore your strength. Salt baths and stretching are simple and easy things that you can do to release any tension that might arise from jogging while clenching your baby’s stroller in front of you. Your baby will also need to take a break from the chilly winds, so she/he doesn’t get sick. 

Wear the Right Clothes

You have to be comfortable enough when jogging. However, you might need to rethink your clothing choices if you are strolling your baby at the same time. Your loose fitted T-shirts might get tangled on the stroller’s handlebar, and make you lose your balance and trip. It is better to wear fitted clothes made from breathable material so you won’t overheat and get dizzy. If you are breastfeeding, make sure you wear breastfeeding-friendly sports bras to feed your hungry baby when you go on longer jogs. 

Jogging while strolling your baby can increase your calorie burn by 20%, which is what every new mum would like to hear when she wants to shed the extra pounds. However, it is not easy, and you will need to practice before you can incorporate it into your workout routine. Do some research to find the best stroller that is comfortable enough for both you and your baby so that you can enjoy your time outdoors.


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