Try Hi Tech Coffee At Home For The Perfect Espresso

Italy has gifted us with many great inventions, including espresso coffee. We love those little espresso shots of concentrated coffee strong in both flavour and caffeine. But there’s an art to making a great espresso. The way the coffee beans are roasted and ground, the amount of pressure in the machine, the water temperature, and the amount of coffee are all factors that go into making a perfect cup of espresso.

Add some milk and you get a latte or a cappuccino, add hot chocolate and you have a mocha. One way or another, there’s no denying that espresso is the favourite coffee drink of many and, if you like your espresso with extra bite, you might want to try a Ristretto shot. These days, though, there is plenty of choice when it comes to espresso makers and if you are a coffee lover, it’s worth harvesting the power of one of these hi-tech gizmos for the perfect cup of Joe.

Technology has affected every part of our lives, and that applies to the world of coffee making as well. Below, we’ll take a look at different types of espresso machines and how espresso-making has changed, thanks to technological advancements. 

Types of Espresso Machines

Espresso machines have come a long way from when they were first designed in 1884. When espresso was invented, it made brewing coffee much faster than it used to be, which is what caught people’s attention back then. But today, you can make your coffee faster and easier than ever. All espresso machines have the same components, and the method of making the coffee is also the same. However, the way the machines operate is what makes the difference in the brewing process and these are the 4 types of espresso makers.

Manual Espresso Maker

The manual espresso machine is all about human labour, as the name suggests. The good thing about it is that you can control the whole process and the coffee to water ratio, which means that if you know your way around the machine, you can make a cup that is just perfect for you. Besides giving you full control over your coffee, manual espresso makers are quite durable. On the downside, they have a learning curve, so it might take you some time to get it right, and they’re also expensive. 

Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

This type is easier than manual machines because it has an electric pump instead of a lever. It’s the most popular because it gives you great control over the coffee-making process, and it’s easy to use, but not as easy as the fully automatic models. They vary in price, from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Fully-automatic Espresso Maker

The fully-automatic machines have an electric pump too, but they automate the amount of water delivered, so they give you less control over the flavour of your coffee, but they’re pretty easy to use. They vary widely in price too, from a couple of hundreds to several thousand dollars. They’re less durable than manual machines because the electronic parts are prone to breaking. 

Super-automatic Espresso Machine

Super-automatic espresso machines are the easiest to use, as they do all the work for you. That’s both a good and bad thing at the same time; you will have no control over the flavour, but if you just want to have a cup of coffee on the go with minimal effort, these are your best choice. They can be more expensive, but smaller models are sold for only a couple hundred dollars. You can find out more about these machines online, where there are plenty of reviews. Super-automatic machines now have special features, and the more sophisticated ones have digital adjustments.

New Technologies in Espresso Machines

Electronic Displays

Instead of just displaying the temperature gauge, some coffee machines now come with an electronic display that measures the pressure and how long the shot has been pulling for. That’s quite convenient, as you won’t have to use the timer on your phone anymore.  


Do you know you can connect your coffee machine to your phone or even other appliances? You can sit on the couch and control the brewing and extract settings, as well as other properties. There is even an espresso machine that comes with its own tablet, which you can set up and use remotely. You can start your espresso machine from the comfort of your bed to save time and effort. 

Save Your Favourite Preset

This is a new feature in coffee machines where you can save your favourite settings, like your usual coffee to milk ratio, for instance, and get your preferred cup of coffee with the press of a button. In some models, you can even have a list of presets that allows you to make the perfect espresso for everyone according to their preferences.

For hardcore coffee lovers, a cup of espresso is always welcome. I prefer lattes myself, but I’ve learned to appreciate how it all started with a shot of espresso. Nowadays, you can make your favourite coffee at home if you buy an espresso machine. There are different types you choose from; the manual ones will give you full control over the flavour, but the semi- and fully-automatic machines are easier to use. The super-automatic models, on the other hand, come with many special features. Choose a model based on your personal preferences, desired features, and coffee-making skills, and you can enjoy a strong, aromatic cup of espresso every morning.


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