3 Quick Tips To Generate Extra Cash With A Little Effort

Thanks to Covid-19, many of us have been digging through our old things and unearthing all sorts of trash and treasures. Most people know that decluttering can make you feel less stressed and more organized but they may not know that you can also make some great extra money from it as well. In this article, I will be sharing some ideas for turning your unwanted finds into cash.

Tip #1: Trade in unwanted gold for cash

Gold is a great commodity due to its stability on the market and consistent value. In fact, it is one of the oldest metals sold that has remained its high value. If you have unwanted gold pieces consider bringing them to a trusted gold centre. Gold price per gram in the UK can vary day by day but you can always check the gold price fix. This price is based on the Karat, or purity of the gold. For example, one gram of 14k gold can net around £ 27.53 /g.

If you already enjoy thrifting or going to estate sales consider the gold price per gram UK for your next trip. Many people give away gold jewellery because it is damaged or is lower quality but scrap gold is melted down and can earn you a nice bit of extra income.

Tip #2: Sell Your Clothes

If you have ever watched Marie Kondo help people declutter then you know most people have more clothes than they know what to do with. As you purge your clothes and shoes, set aside ones in good condition, vintage pieces, or trends as these can also be resold for profit. Here are a few places online that help:

  1. eBay – this online marketplace has it all literally and is a great place to shop and sell online
  2. ThredUp – this clever site lets you buy and sell high-quality clothes that are second hand
  3. Facebook Marketplace – this is a great place to sell clothing for all ages – kids clothes do especially well
  4. Poshmark – is similar to ThredUp and offers up to 70% of retail for upscale designer clothes

Tip #3: Sell Books

This is a great way to make some extra money and if you choose to you can make a reasonable amount doing it. First, start with your own collection. Most books can be dropped off and sold at a local used bookstore. Before you do, be sure to check on Amazon how much your books would sell for as you can get a much better price online.

For example, a set of Harry Potter books may get you a few pounds for the set but on Amazon, you can choose to sell them individually for more money or as a collection. Other ways to make cash selling books are going to thrift stores and libraries book sales. By stopping by the book section in a second-hand store a friend once made over 30 pounds from books she had bought for less than a pound!

In conclusion, if you are looking to clear out your things and would like some extra money follow these tips and trade in your gold to a trusted gold centre to get the best price on your gold. Trade in old clothes, shoes, and books online for some great ways to make money or get credits for your own purchases. It’s easy and fun!


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