5 Expert Tips On How To Create The Garden Of Your Dreams

Gardens can add that relaxing and quiet feeling in your life as they are the green area of your house where you can chill after a hard day at work and have tons of fun. A protected place where your children can play without your supervision, or a place where you can escape from the rest of the world and enjoy a glass of wine on your own, gardens offer multiple reasons why people in the UK desperately want to create one in their backyard. Gardens are an essential part of most backyards, and it’s time to stop imagining and start building the garden of your dreams. The process can get overwhelming and backbreaking at times, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

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The green area is practically an outdoor extension of your home, so one should always strive to make it look picture-perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to build a small or a long and narrow one, courtyard, or cottage garden, you should always make it with proper care and love. When thinking about how you want to build your garden, be curious, and go for a walk around your neighbourhood to browse for ideas. Stay observant and take notice of things you like in other people’s backyards and gardens.  

Even in the case you’re a complete beginner, all you need are some key pointers. Here are our four essential tips that might come in handy in your journey towards creating the garden of your dreams.

Make A Detailed Plan For Your Garden Beforehand

Building a garden from scratch is a pretty tough endeavour. You need to pay close attention to a plethora of aesthetic elements, while also making sure the garden is practically designed and simple to maintain. That’s why it’s way more challenging to do it on the fly. Create a detailed plan beforehand if you want your garden to look extraordinary and to last as well.    

Start with the plants’ schedule. What sort of soil will you need for the numerous plants and trees you want to add to your green zone? Since some plants thrive in gravel, while others require loose soil, think about what kind of plants you envision yourself around once the garden is over, to prepare the terrain accordingly. 

And what about trees? Trees are considered as an asset in every garden, adding structure and height, movement, and wildlife value. Still, if you have a dead tree in the middle of your future garden, or a tree that is unsightly or has an invasive root growth within your garden, it may be best to altogether remove it before replacing it with brand new trees of your choice. With the tree felling price being so low recently, there is no point in doing your job yourself as tree felling is a dangerous activity with many risk factors, including working with chainsaws and working at height.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


No matter how big your new garden will be, there are adequate trees for every shape and size of gardens. From small Acers that can be grown in a pot, to a gorgeous huge charry in the middle – the options are endless and are all up to your preferences.

Other than the plants and trees, plan on how to enjoy your garden up close and personally. Do you have the space to add a patio and perhaps a trampoline for your kids? Put everything on paper and plan everything thoroughly to ensure that you’ll have everything figured out well before you start the actual work.

Create A Walking Path Through The Garden 

You certainly don’t want to walk over your beautiful plants and veggies while enjoying your afternoon garden stroll, so create a dedicated walking path to enjoy this everyday activity. Depending on your garden’s size, you can create a single path that branches out and allows you to maintain and examine every part of your garden without obstruction. Another option is a path that goes around the garden with a few twists and turns.  

A walking path is a must, so you would be able to get a scenic route, not sacrificing convenience while watering and fertilizing your plants. Make sure to plan where your plants will be concerning the path and vice versa.

Speaking of materials for the path, there are tons of available materials to choose from. From classic concrete to gravel, resin, and whatnot. Whatever you select, make sure that the path material will make your regular garden walks as comfortable as possible.

Maintain Your Garden Porch Comfy 

While closeup views are great, there’s no reason you can’t and shouldn’t enjoy your garden from a distance. A vital component of the charm of owning a pretty garden is being able to gaze upon it and see the natural splendour in its full glory. For the most part, you will do so from the comfort of your garden porch with a glass of wine in your hand. 

Since you’ll want others to enjoy the full benefits of your marvellous garden alongside yourself, introduce some permanent furniture that provides people with extra comfort while spending time in the garden. In case you expect a lot of rainy days in the season, you can place a couple of lawn chairs instead.   

Add Some Extra Features 

Besides trees and plants, you can also include a couple of other attractive details that will complete the relaxing and serene atmosphere. As numerous gardens have prominent water features to provide a soothing visual and auditory element, there’s absolutely no reason your garden can’t adopt this feature as well. If you are interested in installing a fountain, you won’t need much other than a water source and a basic water pump. 

And what about ponds? Ponds are another exceptional highlight that can add character and charm to your garden. There are even more accessible to install than fountains, plus they attract birds and other tiny critters, which will enrich your garden’s ecosystem.

Garden Lights 

Don’t ever underestimate and forget the importance of the right garden lighting for your needs, as it certainly helps in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests. 

There’s a wide variety of lights that you can choose from, from table lamps and standing lights to draped bulb strings and candle lanterns. The lighting will ensure that you can continue enjoying your garden even when the sun sets for the day or if the weather isn’t really what you hoped for. Pick an appropriate garden lighting to bring some exquisite ambience, character, and atmosphere to your new garden.

Bottom Line 

Creating the garden of your dreams is a time-consuming activity, and it takes quite a bit of dedication. People say that patience is a virtue, and this is nowhere more apparent than in gardening. Take the time, masterfully plan your garden, make sure to incorporate a walking path through it, make your garden porch as comfy as possible to enjoy it all year round, add some extra features, find the adequate lighting for your garden and enjoy the green zone of your house. Believe us, the payoff is well worth the trouble.


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