6 Hacks for Savings Money on Cosmetics

When you enjoy putting on makeup and have a passion for trying out new products and styles, as well as your base cosmetic needs, it’s easy to run up a high bill. Cosmetics is where you can easily spend a lot of money month by month, especially if you’re going through everything at a fast pace, too, if you’re wearing makeup every day.

Every penny counts when it comes to savings on cosmetics, so here are 6 ways you can look to save a little extra money while still being able to buy your favourite products.

1. Use the Correct Amounts

Products can easily be wasted if you’re not applying correctly and using too much. Especially with thicker products, like foundation, you need to ensure you’re using the right amount so that you’re not using too much and running your supply dry quicker than you should be.

Be sure to understand all your products so that you know exactly how much of each type you should be applying. Even the same products like foundation or lipstick may need less if they are from a different brand.

2. Use Items for More Than One Purpose

Dark pencil eyeliner may be able to double as an eyebrow pencil, too. Your favourite lipstick shade could also double up as blusher. Old wands and brushes may be able to be washed and reused for a new purpose. Be sure to experiment with your products so that you can use them for different things, and eliminate other products altogether.

3. Look for Discount Codes

There are always deals to be had when it comes to cosmetics, especially with leading brands and within beauty stores. You can find bargains, like Boots discount codes, so that you can still buy the same products, but get more for your money. This could be 3 for the price of 2 or buy one get one free. It’s best to take advantage when the deals are available by stocking up on products instead of buying one at a time.

4. Always Test Before You Buy

Something can easily look great on the shelf, but you won’t know until you apply it — by which point, you’ve already bought it and realise you don’t like it; therefore, money is wasted.

Always use testers and try out colours before you commit to anything. This is particularly important with foundation, as shades with the same name can be different colours when using different brands.

5. Store Your Items Properly

Your cosmetics should be stored in a safe place, out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment, to avoid them being compromised, lost or losing their effectiveness. By storing your items properly, you’re minimising the need to replace any items and spend extra money doing so.

6. Request Cosmetics as Gifts

If you’re a beauty product lover, then any cosmetics is going to be a great gift. If you’re out of your favourite item or if you need a general stock, then requesting cosmetics as gifts can save you money, as well as saving other people the trouble of thinking of a gift for you!


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