Holiday Memories (For Non-Scrap-Bookers)

Vacations. Holidays. Whatever you call them, they’re the best. Every year, we save up our money, we look at the destination options, we make a list and get excited, then we close the laptop and go to bed and wake up to do it all over again. Picking where to go is all part of the fun.

The holiday itself flies by, with barely a moment to process where you are or what you’re doing. That’s why memories are so important. We relive our time away through the stories we tell. And that’s why we love to find ways to keep those memories alive – and let’s face it, we don’t all have the time to settle down for an evening of cutting, glueing, and scrapbooking.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are the anti-scrapbooking answer to wall-sized memories (see these canvas prints for options). Every camera roll from any journey is full of hundreds of snaps. Mostly, the long and winding photographic trail is dominated by retakes after someone’s hair blew in their face. But every now and again, when the planets align and the tourists keep their distance and the lighting catches the mood, you get one photo that makes everyone say “oh, that’s a nice one, you should get that blown up”. And yes, you should.

Canvas prints are a great alternative to filling your wall space with a mish-mash of pictures that you bought from the ‘Home’ department at the supermarket (you know the ones, usually there’s a bridge involved, with people holding umbrellas … yawn).

Print your pics on … anything

 If canvas prints aren’t your thing, perhaps printing your memories on other things might be more to your liking. Printing companies generally offer a few standard options, such as printing on t-shirts, cups, stationery, and bunting, but most companies are usually open to requests. For example, if you would like to print a special picture of you and a loved one on wedding keepsakes, or if you’d like a picture of all the family to be printed on cushions or other household objects (or even wrapping paper), contact your local printing firm and discuss your options. You’ll find they try to be accommodating in almost any situation.

Write it down (travel journal)

Keeping a diary or journal of your various wanders is the best way to keep your memories alive. For a start, you get to relive the whole experience while you tap out the things you got up to, including the people you met, the restaurants you visited, your thoughts and feelings, the funny thing that happened in the hotel reception area … and then, later in life, maybe a year later, or maybe ten years later, you get to read it again and reminisce.


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