House Makeover Essential Tips You Should Keep

So you think your place needs a little sprucing up? Maybe it needs a lot. Maybe you’re finally getting around to that basement that the kids are afraid to go in. Maybe the colour of the kitchen has been driving you mad since you moved in. Maybe the dog has made a mess on the living room carpet one too many times.

Whatever your reason for considering a home makeover, there are a few essential things you need to keep in mind when you’re getting started.

These tips apply to any home project whether you’re completing revamping the entire house or you’re giving one room a little polishing.

Be Aware Of The Time It Takes

You can research whatever project you’re interested in, you can ask the advice of a contractor or employee at your local building supply store, you can talk to that one uncle who knows how to fix anything. This will give you an idea of how long a project is going to take. Whatever length of time that is, add 30% to it. That’s the actual time it’s going to take. There’s nothing like being lost in the middle of an all-encompassing project with no end in sight. Being realistic about how long a project is going to take will keep you from getting disheartened in the middle of it when everything looks messier than when you started.

The extra time is for those little home makeover surprises you discover amid work. The realization that the sub-floor is unlevel and will need to be sorted out before you lay those gorgeous wood planks down. The discovery that pipes or electrical wires run in the wrong places and have to be worked around. Every home has its quirks and you’ll need time to adjust to them.

Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Budget

Even the most beautiful home repairs will turn nasty in your mind if they cost you an arm and a leg. Be firm about your budget before you begin looking at options and cutting out inspirational pictures of multimillion-dollar homes for your vision journal. You don’t want to be walking passed that stunning living room six years from now and cursing because you’re still paying for it. Mental peace is part of having a lovely home. When it comes to cost estimates, which are often provided by people when you speak to them about their services, you need to remember these are estimates. Whatever you think something is going to cost, add 30%, and that’s likely going to be the actual cost. Things break, complications arise, sometimes that sickly paint you’re covering up will need several more coats of your preferred colour to truly disappear.

Don’t Start Too Many Projects At Once

Yes, you’re excited, but having multiple rooms torn apart simultaneously, each with their hiccups and surprises can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It is possible to do an entire house at once (if you have a lot of help), but if that’s the route you’re planning on going, make sure there’s somewhere you can go when you need to sit in a comfortable room with drywall and furniture not covered with a tarp. You will need moments to decompress and “feel normal,” especially in the middle of a big renovation.

When In Doubt, Wash The Doors And Trim And Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If you feel like a room is meh, it might only need some TLC and fresh paint. Really. Over time, stains and fades and nicks and scratches dull the walls. This happens so slowly that often people don’t notice it. The same goes for trim and doors.

When was the last time you scrubbed the door? Maybe never. Oil from our hands builds up making doors look icky. But again, this happens so slowly that often people don’t realize it. You might be surprised at the colour your door is supposed to be. Scrub the trim as well (especially if you have pets). You might find this strangely addictive. You might take on the kitchen cupboards next.

Once those items are clean and shiny, add a nice new coat of paint. You would be surprised to see how far a fresh coat of paint can go when it comes to changing the feeling of a room. Expert painters venice fl, emphasize keeping in mind colour psychology when making your paint colour choices. Every colour humans can see affects their mental state. Sometimes it’s better to start with the feeling you want to have in a room and then choose your colour accordingly. (A tip is to try your best to avoid hyper trendy colours. Yes, they’re gorgeous and feel unique now, but in a couple of years you might not feel the same way.)

Be Honest About The Type Of Messes You And Your Family Create

A white carpet can be gorgeous. White carpet covered in crayon and juice stains? Not so much. White walls can be stunning and refreshing. White walls with grubby fingerprints three feet off the ground can be a headache. White couches… you see where this is going.

Take note of the most common kinds of messes you have to deal with and think about yourself cleaning whatever it is you’re choosing to add to your home. Maybe that flooring is beautiful, but near the back door there’s always muddy boots with freshly cut grass caked in and you want something easier to clean. Making over a room shouldn’t force you to spend three extra hours a week scrubbing. Ideally, a home makeover makes things easier for you, not harder.

With these five home makeover tips, you’re well on your way to tweaking or completely redoing your home with minimal headaches. Making your home pleasing to the eye and comfortable shouldn’t have to drive you crazy.


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