Our A-Level Results Gift Guide For 2020

Are you struggling to come up with that perfect gift idea for the special man in your life? Do you want to go above and beyond this year and pick out an A-level kind of gift? A gift that they take joy in right now and then hold on to for many years to come? If so, this can tend to put a lot more pressure on the entire gift buying experience and leave you really struggling to come up with ideas.

Not to worry, as we’ve got you covered. We’ve gone ahead and scoured the shops and internet to put together a list of our top picks when it comes to A-level gifts for the man in your life. You can’t go wrong with any of these, and there are enough ideas here to spread out over a number of occasions during the year.

A Laptop or Chromebook – Give Them the Digital Gift They Want

With most people relying on digital devices nowadays a laptop or Chromebook seems like an excellent gift option. These two devices each provide that level of flexibility and portability that a desktop computer can’t compete with, and allow them to be productive no matter where they are. If that special guy in your life has been working remotely this year thanks to the health crisis currently gripping the world, having that reliable laptop or Chromebook is even more important.

In terms of what to look for in one of these devices, you want to be aware of such things as the battery life, the weight of the device, the screen size, storage space, its speed, and whether or not the software he needs is compatible with the device you have your eyes on.

A Luxury Watch – An Elegant and Timeless Gift

If you’re trying to come up with an idea that they won’t just appreciate right now, but for many years to come, then a luxury watch is an excellent route to take. Think of it as a gift that acknowledges the challenges of the year, but that they somehow managed to rise above those challenges and still succeed.

So, what’s the best luxury watch brand to buy from? For many, Rolex is the first brand to spring to mind, and with good reason. This is a brand that has built a very strong reputation over the years, offering quality timepieces that never fall out of fashion and ultimately can act as a family heirloom. If you’re buying for a man that tends to be classic in his fashion sense, no-nonsense and very understated, then we suggest you give him the opportunity to explore with the Rolex Explorer.

This particular design, which you can find on the CHRONEXT website, is understated and has a casual elegance to it. It manages to work well with every outfit and style, meaning your man can dress it up or dress it down. CHRONEXT gives you an easy and secure way to shop online. You can even take advantage of free shipping and a 24-month warranty, which means peace of mind shopping.

The Ultimate Grooming Kit – Provide Him with All the Tools He Needs

Here’s a gift that guys typically don’t splurge on for themselves but is incredibly useful and appreciated. A grooming kit gives them all the essentials they need to stay perfectly trimmed and groomed. Think of it as their own portable barbershop if you will.

Typically, the price varies based on how many accessories and tools are included in the kit, so you’ll want to base it on your man’s needs. Do they need the grooming kit just for their beard or moustache, or will it also be used for the hair on their head and body hair? Other things to consider include a wireless device (battery operated) vs a plug-in model, whether it works in the shower, how easy it is to clean, and how heavy it is.

Anything Cashmere – the Ultimate Luxury Gift

Then we’ve got cashmere, which is the ultimate luxury fabric for men and women. If you really want to spoil your man, look for a cashmere scarf, sweater, or vest that will allow him to experience just how luxurious this fabric truly is. You can choose a basic colour so that the item works with his existing wardrobe, such as a brown, tan, navy, black, or grey. Cashmere will most definitely put a smile on his face.

Exceptional Gifts for that Special Guy in Your Life

Each of the items listed here is truly an exceptional and memorable gift that they will get use out of for many years to come. They are all about luxury and elegance and give you the opportunity to pamper your man and show him how special he is to you.


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