4 Easy Checks to do before you take your car for MOT 

An MOT ensures that your vehicle meets all road safety requirements. If you choose to ignore your car’s MOT needs, you will be subjected to paying a heavy fine. There are some simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate before your next MOT appointment. These tips will help you care for your car better and you can be safe on the road when travelling with your family.

Basic maintenance goes a long way and it will increase your car’s performance. More importantly, you need to be on top of your car’s maintenance in order to pass.

1. Check car mirrors

You should examine your car’s mirrors. With broken mirrors, your vision will be compromised and this can be hazardous while travelling. Look out for any cracks or exposed edges in the mirrors.

2. Find the right MOT centre

Try to find a reliable MOT centre with valid accreditations and a good amount of experience. There are many local MOT centres all across the UK with good customer reviews. For example, you can book a professional MOT test in London by visiting DAT Tyres today (020 8969 3030). If the garage has good customer ratings, you can be confident that they have the right skills.

3. Check car lights

Front and rear lights should work properly. If there is any defect in the lights, this can cause an issue later. Thoroughly inspect the condition of your car lights so that it doesn’t become an issue when you for the MOT test.

4. Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel

Emission levels have to be tested and when you take your car out for MOT testing, you should make sure that your car has optimum fuel levels.

These basic checks will help ensure that your vehicle passes its MOT first time.


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