5 Facts About Tummy Tucks that Mums Should Know About

Becoming a mother is often described as one of the best experiences of a woman’s natural life, but very rarely do they mention the insistent baby fat that comes with it all! In this post I’ll discuss why a tummy tuck can often be the solution mums need to get back into their former shape, as well as a few other essential points that will help make the experience more fruitful, since you will have a better understanding of what is to be expected.

Why Should You Go for a Tummy Tuck?

Nothing can replace hardcore exercise and a good, balanced diet. As a matter of fact, proper dieting and exercise will become an essential part of maintaining the effects of your tummy tuck sessions. Unfortunately, it cannot always be the only solution. The problem with following a strict exercise and diet alone to lose all your baby fat is twofold in nature.

Firstly, mothers need a few months at least to recover post-delivery, especially if the child was delivered via a C-section. Until the wounds heal, and they recover physically, the type of strenuous exercise necessary for heavy weight loss is out of the question.

Secondly, even hardcore fitness enthusiasts often find themselves at sea, while trying to lose fat from specific sections of their body, especially after they have gained a moderate to significant amount of fat.

Scientifically speaking, it is impossible to lose fat from specific sections of the body (spot reduction) through exercise and dieting alone. If the localised fat on your abdominal muscles and love handles have hardened already, it will become more and more resilient to being shed without direct surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

The official name for what most of us know as a tummy tuck is an abdominoplasty. It’s a surgical procedure that is often included in a complete package for a mummy makeover. Keep in mind that the procedure can be applied to men who stand to benefit from abdominoplasty as well. Irrespective of one’s gender, one should expect their abdominoplasty to be able to:

  • Remove pregnancy scars, scars in general, sagging loose skin and abdominal fat
  • Strengthen abdominal muscles, giving them the compactness which they had likely lost due to ageing/pregnancy/excess weight gain

What a Tummy Tuck is Not

Although abdominoplasty is a full-on surgical procedure, it’s not a weight loss surgery by any means. Tummy tucks are a form of plastic surgery, meant to make the patient’s midsection look and feel better than before. The effects are mostly cosmetic, but also highly effective in removing stubborn pouches of fat from the stomach.

Weight loss surgeries such as a gastric bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy are completely different and are generally performed in morbidly obese patients, under severe threat from obesity-related diseases.

You Can Simultaneously Book an Abdominoplasty and a Mediterranean Vacation!

Plastic surgery and grand vacations may sound like two things that are poles apart, but they don’t have to be. Book a complete mommy makeover UK special package at the Baris Yigit Clinic in Fethiye, Turkey to extend your surgical procedure and turn it into an exotic vacation instead. See the ancient Roman and Lycian sites, or swim in the stunning Ölüdeniz Lagoon, before you head for the makeover procedures.

According to Dr Baris Yigit, it only takes a night’s stay at the hospital to recover from an abdominoplasty, and you can find more information about mommy makeovers here on his official website.

Are There Risks Involved?

Every surgery ever invented has varying degrees of risk associated with it, so an abdominoplasty cannot be an exception to that rule either. However, given that tummy tucks are generally not particularly risky, possible side effects are not as dangerous either. Post-surgery bleeding, delayed healing due to infections and a small likelihood of unexpected scars being left behind are pretty much all that can go wrong in rare cases.

All the same, it is still highly recommended that you let the plastic surgeon know about any existing health conditions (if applicable) beforehand. This will further minimise the chances of any complications. Also, keep in mind that the fewer procedures are included in your mommy makeover package, the lower your chances are of developing any future complications. Don’t put your body under too much stress at once, and do not forget to talk to your regular doctor regarding everything, before going under the knife.

These pointers should answer a number of questions for mums planning to go for a tummy tuck, and create at least a basic awareness regarding what should be expected. Your own doctor should also be able to tell you more regarding your medical suitability to various cosmetic procedures or warn you against possible risks that may exist.


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