Autumn – A Poem

My father, John Brooks, is a wonderful poet and I find his poems very relaxing and peaceful.  I thought this one, about Autumn, might bring a moment of calm to anyone who is feeling a bit frazzled at the moment!

Autumn woodlands

Photo by John Mccann on Unsplash


The soft light of early evening

lit the tree whose leaves were

yellow and orange, red and brown;

a kaleidoscope of colour.

A returning crow rattled a branch

which shed a leaf that struck

another as it fell

both dropping with a lazy spin.

And then with the downing sun,

a gentle gust of quiet wind

brought down a shower of leaves,

scooping and hooping them away.

Light faded and a chilly breeze

blew whisps of cloud across

the moon, and in her wake

the line of coming night.

J. B. Oct 06.

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