Can A Garden Office Make Your More Productive?

Many more of us have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a way to protect employees from getting exposed and contracting the virus. It has also been a new and unexpected experience for those of us more used to working away from our homes. Of course, if you are a freelancer and your office is at home, none of this is new to you but, you might wonder, is working from home actually beneficial for us?

Not everyone who works from home is productive because of a lot of factors, and this can be due to a wide variety of factors such as distraction, noise and a less than relaxing atmosphere. We find ourselves looking for ways to help us focus on our work, even if that does involve an awful lot of coffee!

So what do those who successfully work from home do? First of all, they have an office in their home, where they can work alone without distractions from their kids, pets, or housemates. However, this still doesn’t work for everyone.

Despite having a table, chair, and cabinet, your work won’t progress because those are just the basic things you need. It is not enough for you to make you productive and efficient. That is why the touch of nature in your workplace is a highly recommended suggestion from experts. Having plants around you has positive effects on your performance. Hence, the use of a garden office. If you are still not convinced, below are factors why a garden office adds value to your work. 

Boosts creativity

Have you noticed how some individuals who used to be excellent in graphic design lose their creativity? It is because of staying in front of the computer or laptop for hours. It affects their motivation, which leads to a loss of creativity and productivity in what you do. Losing your creativity in your work is like losing your passion for what you do.  

However, this won’t happen if you have plants around you. The presence of plants, while you work, will boost your motivation because nature has a special connection with the mental health of a person. This extraordinary and mesmerizing connection is what they call biophilia. It is innate to every person. It might be the reason why gardeners do not lose motivation. Their biophilia is always at work. 

Reduces Stress

Stress is the number one enemy of everyone if they cannot manage it. However, even if they know how to do the steps of managing stress, they still fail. Stress still gets into their system, which they need to deal with for the rest of the day. If you are experiencing stress while you work, it will have a detrimental effect on your well being because it can trigger underlying conflicts within you. 

Having trigger attacks while you work because of a single thing that stressed you for the day will affect your work. That is why having an extra room which can be used as a garden office in your home is a great help. When plants are around you while working, stress can be inevitable. It will also enhance and develop your performance, which will equip you to become better every day. 

Gives a Healthy Atmosphere

Are you wondering why you always catch a cold or cough despite drinking vitamins every day or living a healthy lifestyle? The reason can be the atmosphere in your working space. Your room may not be well ventilated that is why unhealthy gases and too much carbon dioxide are circulating and no fresh air is going into. This is one of the many reasons why a garden office is valuable.

Getting sick means spending money on check-ups and medicines. It is usually not a part of the budget of an individual. That is why it can be heavy for their pockets. If you do not want to experience this, having a garden office is key. It is because a garden office produces fresh air and oxygen. It also cleans unhealthy substances in the air that can make you sick. That is why individuals who work in a garden office are healthy and strong. Having a healthy and strong body is a great help for individuals. It keeps them going throughout the day without any worries. 

Improves Memory

Sometimes workers suddenly forget essential details because of a sudden memory loss. It is often due to stress and distractions. If you often experience this, it is not ideal for you to be forgetting either minor or major details about your work. It doesn’t make you a productive and efficient worker. Therefore, look for ways to help improve your memory, like having a garden office. 

The presence of plants around you while working was proven to improve memory. It is because it keeps you calm and well-concentrated. Hence, leading to better memory retention. Who would have thought that plants can do this? It only proves that plants are not just for aesthetic purposes. It can also be for better performance when working. 

It Adds Value to Your Home

After retirement, most people prefer to live outside the city, which leads them to sell their house. If your house has a garden office, it becomes more valuable. A lot of buyers find houses with garden offices attractive and inviting. It is because most of them know how helpful and beneficial it is to work in a garden office. 

Therefore, if you plan on selling your house after retirement, consider adding a garden office. It will not just benefit you but the future owners of it as well. And also, buying your house will surely be on top of their list. Your garden office will be the apple of their eyes. 

Are you looking for ways to make yourself perform at your best while working? Have you heard of having a garden office? 


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