Extra-Curricular Activities to Get Your Kids Into

Whilst academic activities are essential for developing kids and teens, many people ignore the fact that they are not designed to promote all-round development. For this reason, extra-curricular activities are significant at every age, especially for preteens and teenagers.

Extra-curricular activities help students learn essential life skills that they cannot learn from academic activities only. Such life skills include problem-solving and teamwork, among others. They help our kids to develop into well-rounded adults.

The most common extra-curricular activities are sports. However, following the pandemic, a majority of our kids cannot embark on most, especially competitive sports, for safety reasons.

Below are some beneficial and educative extra-curricular activities for kids of all ages:

Learning a second language

Research shows that kids learn more comfortably and faster when they are young. Therefore, there isn’t a better time introducing your kids to a foreign language than while they are still in school. It will help give them a foundation that they can build on as they grow older and boost their future success.

If you don’t want to do in-person classes, luckily there are user-friendly apps that enable you to learn anywhere at any time. For example, you can download Babbel to speak a foreign language fluently and in a short amount of time. This app is also available for iOS devices, so not only can it help students do their language studies at home but also on the go, wherever they may be. That means you can easily convince your kids to use their phone for something educational!

Playing an instrument

As a parent, you want to give your kids all the advantages they can get while still under your wing. You can do so by getting your kids into playing instruments from a young age, and nurture it into their teenage years. This is an excellent extra-curricular activity that they can use for the rest of their lives. When they are small, you can experiment with different instruments until you find something that your kid is in tune with. For starters, try the piano. Many experts consider the piano to be one of the easiest instruments to start off with and it also can improve vision, along with hand and eye coordination, which is important if they are about to take their driving exam!

Painting/ sketching

You may never know if your kid is to become the next famous artist unless you allow them to be creative and exercise their artistic side! You can do this by considering to enroll them in online art classes! Allow them to play with colours, experiment with different painting activities, and discover their passion or lack of it. Getting them into the world of art will also help them to gain an understanding of and respect for the art world, maybe you can even inspire them to study art in university. Art is something many educators tend to undervalue, but give your kid the opportunity to appreciate it while you can.

Get them interested in cooking

Cooking classes are an ideal extra-curricular activity for any age! They provide your kids with an added environment where they can practice and explore their creativity freely. It also helps your kids develop focus and teach them skills like handling sharp knives and fire. Make sure that your kid’s cooking activities are well-supervised, no matter what age because they could be dangerous! The knowledge they acquire from cooking classes could be great also for you as a mom, if there’s one evening when you really don’t feel like cooking, you can always ask them to whip up dinner! Oh, the joy of putting our teenagers to work!

Swimming or gymnastics

Pools are finally starting to reopen and activities like swimming and gymnastics will help your kids develop and explore their creativity, acquire new skills incoordination, and improve their focus. These extra-curricular activities also teach them how to collaborate with others and build their endurance. It also helps to explore their competitive side and help them to improve their health, important for if they are about to take an entrance exam!

Each of the extra-curricular activities mentioned above is incredible because your kids can do many of them at home. They can learn new languages through online platforms or one on one tutoring, get interested in cooking, along with several other activities. Therefore, your kids’ learning does not have to be crippled by the pandemic.


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